Goal for the New Year

Like most everyone around this time of year, I come up with a New Year’s resolution. More often than not, it has to do with losing weight, which I suck at by the way. I do okay for the first week or two, but then I fall off the bandwagon. It’s hard to stay on a diet when you’re the only one if you family doing it. So this year, I decided to do something that has nothing to do with food, and something there’s a chance I won’t fail at before the end of the year.

So this year I decided to follow my dream. I love writing and one day I would love to actually publish a book. But more important to me then actually getting published is just to write. It’s my stress release, my form of therapy. But I’ve gotten lazy lately and the only time I seem to write now days is the month of November for NaNoWriMo.

So here is my goal for the year: write, write, write. I’ve learned from NaNoWriMo, that having a deadline helps me, they force me to actually get words down on paper. So my goal is to put down at least 2,000-3,000 words a month, which is a lot less than NaNoWriMo’s 50,000 in one month, but it’s definitely manageable. And to prove that I am actually doing it, I’ll be posting what I write at least twice a month and at the end of the month, I’ll put up my actual word count compared to my goal.

So if you like first draft, unedited paranormal stories, then definitely stop by and take a look. I can’t promise it will be a great read, but I figure it will at least be entertaining if you’re in to misspelled words and grammar errors.

So here we go, welcome 2017!

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