Werewolves and Greek Gods

Okay, so my latest obsessions are werewolves and Greek gods. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading or writing, those are the two things I’m in to right now. Luckily for me, it seems to be a common subject in books right now. My Kindle is loaded with them. Sometimes I find the exact characters and stories I’m looking for, and right then and there, I’ll buy the whole series (e.g. Anne Bishop’s Other series and Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Apollyon series). But other times, I’m waiting for the next book in the series to come out, or the story just don’t catch me, or it’s not what I’m looking for. So I solved that problem but writing my own stories.

I don’t have anything new to post just yet, I’m still working on actually putting something down on paper. I have a few ideas going on in my head, but when I actually sit down in front of the computer, I’ll type maybe a sentence or two, and then delete it all, because it doesn’t feel right. So while I’m working on physically putting the words down, instead of just letting them circle around in my head, I figured I’d put up what I already have written.

So, if you’re in to werewolves like I am at the moment, you can take a look at my work in progress, Hunter’s Crossing (name is not final, I just needed to name it something besides Story Number so and so). I also posted my 2014 NaNoWriMo story Stained. Stained has no werewolves or Greek gods, mainly because I wasn’t feeling it at the time, but it’s still something worth taking a look at if you like urban fantasy. You can follow the links below to the pages otherwise their in the menu for easy access. Hope you enjoy!

Hunter’s Crossing


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