The White Wolf

Okay, here’s what I got for this week. I was hoping to get this out this past weekend, but I got super busy and then super lazy, so it had to wait a couples of days. Part of it is a repeat from what’s already posted, but it’s mainly just so that you get the lost. But here’s this weeks, Weekly Writings:

Pain, every movement, every breath, all she felt was pain. A moan barely escaped her parched lips but it was enough to alert the person in room that she was awake.

“Don’t try to move, your body is still recovering. You barely survived,” a deep gritty voice warned her. Sienna tried to peer through the slits of her eyes, since opening them was just took more energy than she had at the moment. She couldn’t make out much. Just a dimly light room and a dark figure moving towards her. Part of her knew she should be afraid, but another part of her, a new part of her told her she was safe. A voice in her head told her, healer.

She knew she should probably be worried that she was hearing voices, but it was just too much for her overheated brain to contemplated.

Safe. Sleep now. Need to heal.

She knew those words were good advice, but now that she was aware once more, she had a hard time doing as the voice suggested. Especially since they were coming from a voice in her head. One she had never heard before.

What happened to her? The last thing she could remember, they were driving home. They had gone to check on a lead. Her grandmother had sent her, Kailee, Richard and Steven to check out the tip she had just received.

Jack had been furious when he had been told he couldn’t go. They were always sent out together. They worked best that way. They always had. They were each other’s other half. But her grandmother refused to allow her twin to leave the valley. Sienna and Jack were the strongest magic users they had since Jordan disappeared. Because both of her parents and her aunt where also out of town following other leads, her grandmother had refused to allow Jack to leave as well.

Jack had demanded that he be allow to go in her place, but their grandmother overrode him. They all knew Sienna was the better tracker. If there was even a trace of Jordan in that town, Sienna would be able to find it and follow him. Jack had no tracking ability at all. He was the muscle, he had power and stamina, but that was all he had and they all knew it.

Their older brother though, had it all. He had power, he was extremely intelligent, and he was their grandmother’s heir. But he had left town last year without a word to anyone and now they were searching everywhere to find him and bring him back.

Sienna had no illusions about her brother. Her grandmother and parents might have been blind to his darker tendencies, but she and Jack weren’t. Her older brother was the not the god her family thought he was. If anything, he was a demon. The only reason Sienna and Jack worked so hard to find him, was to make sure that if he needed to be stopped, that someone was there to do it.

The twins didn’t have their brother’s strength and no real plan on how to stop him, but they knew they had to. Since they day they caught him beating  a young shifter pup in the sports equipment locker behind the school when they were ten, they knew that they would need to be the ones to stop him.

Sienna had been able to patch up the frightened boy with her healing talent, but she couldn’t erase the memories the poor child would have to suffer from for the rest of his life. Once the boy was healed and cleaned up, Sienna and Jack had escorted him home. Jack standing guard while Sienna held tightly to the hand of the shaking boy.

Jordan had watched them with a sneer on his lips warning the boy not to saying anything to anyone about this. After all, no one would believe him. Even as young as she was, Sienna had been well aware of the way the town was run. No one went up against her family and won. They were either driven out of town, or they became a pariah. No one in their town was brave enough to stand up family, no one.

The moment the little boy saw his mother open the door, he let out a cry and ran in to her arms. His mother was startled by the boy’s actions, even more so when she looked up to find the twin grandchildren of the town founder’s family.

Sienna told the mother everything she could, since the boy was crying so hard he couldn’t speak, she could only tell her what she knew. The woman looked furious, but there was also fear in her eyes. She wanted to shout, she started a few times but would stop when she again realized who was in front of her.

Sienna knew there was nothing she could do about her brother, so she did the only thing she could, she apologized for her family. She offered to put a ward around the house. It would protect the family against most things, but even a ward she and Jack built together wouldn’t hold against Jordan. It would be strong enough to give them time to escape, but it wouldn’t last against him. He was just too strong.

The woman said nothing in the end but just nodded. Her lips pressed tightly together as she gathered her son in her arms. With nothing more to say, the twins left. Sienna wasn’t surprised when she heard the family had packed up and left, moving to another town ruled by a strong shifter family. Sienna knew that they would need the protection of a strong shifter clan if Jordan ever decided to go after them.

Shifter magic and Guardian magic was different. They couldn’t coexist in the same place, that was why strong shifter families and strong guardian families could not live in the same town. If anyone could protect that little boy and his family, it would be a strong shifter family.

Suddenly remembering what she was supposed to be doing, made her forget for a moment that her body felt like it had been through a meat grinder, she tried to move and every muscle in her body spasmed at once. A scream ripped from her dry lips as her eyes shot open.

Her world exploded in light just as the bedroom door came crashing in. A large white wolf charged in to the room, fangs bared as his golden eyes darted around the room looking for the danger before darting back to her.

Where’s the danger, a deep growl reverberated in her head, setting of waves of pain which only forced her to squeeze her eyes shut and grit her teeth.

“There is no danger,” the older man grumbled as he looked first at the broken door, then at the broken woman.

I heard her scream, the voice insisted.

“That was due to her own foolishness. She tried to get up. Her body is still adjusting to the change. Her muscles haven’t recovered yet, it’s too early for her to move,” the man informed them both as he leaned over Sienna. Peering down at her with sharp hazel eyes.

Sienna squinted up at the older man. His rubbed his hand through his gray beard as he studied her. The wrinkles around his eyes deepened and his narrowed his eyes.

“She was damn lucky to survive the change,” The man said shaking his head as he moved a step back, “Damn lucky. If her wolf hadn’t awoken so soon, she would have died within the first few hours. Then we would have had a real problem on our hands.”

“And you don’t consider this a problem,” A new voice said, a sneer in her tone. Sienna tried to turn her head to see who else was hear but only ended up hissing in pain as the muscles in her neck began to spasm. The wolf at her side growled deep in his throat, she wasn’t sure if the growl was directed at her or at the new comer.

“Look at this place,” the woman continued, completely ignoring the large angry wolf that Sienna was all too aware of. From where she lay on the bed, she got a good view of his sharp canines. She was sure if he wanted to, he could tear her apart before she could even make it across the room. In the condition she was in, he wouldn’t even have to try hard. She couldn’t even blink without causing herself an extreme amount of pain.

“Stop your complaining,” the older man waved the woman off, “This isn’t your house. Never was, you have no say in what happens here.”

“Don’t forget your place old man,” The woman snarled. Sienna could feel the waves of power this woman was giving off. Sienna had never felt anything like this before. It felt like ants walk over her skin. She didn’t know what it was, all she knew is that it was raising her hackles. She wanted to shake the power off but couldn’t move. Instead a pathetic whine escaped her lips, which only got the wolf growling again.

“And don’t forget your place, girl,” The man said coolly, all it looked like it took all of his power not to bow to the younger woman, “You may be Beta of this pack, but this is my home, you do not command me here. You try and I’ll make sure that neither you nor your wolf sets a step pass the door. Then who will be there to heal you up when you go running wild again.”

Veronica, I told you once, you are not allowed in to this sickroom. You’re prescience is agitating her wolf, you will leave now, the wolf commanded.

“She’s weak,” The woman snarled, “How can you expect the pack to follow a weak wolf. She would never be Alpha female no matter what she is to you. The pack won’t accept a weak wolf, mate or not.”

The large wolf snapped at the woman. He bared his teeth and growled menacingly.

You will leave this place immediately and never return, the wolf ordered. Sienna wasn’t sure how to explain it, but she could feel the command in his voice. It was short of like a door slamming shut in her mind. It was the only way she could explain it. There was a finality to the words that could not be changed.

Sienna was too lost in all the new feelings to notice that the woman left. She was just glad when the prickling feeling finally left. When she finally dared to try to open her eyes once more, slower this time, she found the large white wolf staring down at her intently.

All she could do was stare back. There was something about the wolf that was familiar, something far too human in those golden eyes. But seeing as how she had no memories of how she ended up here or what the heck they were talking about, she wasn’t sure how she could possible recognize something about the shifter in front of her.

“She is right you know,” the old man said as he made he way back to the chair by the window that Sienna only now realized was there, “If she is weak, mate or not, they will not accept her.”

She’s not weak, the wolf said, this time Sienna could sense no emotion in the voice in her head, which she was still getting used to by the way, She survived when others would have given in. She was willing to be changed to in order to live. She is not weak.  

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