Weekly Writings – Finally Back


Brain overload! I had so many ideas in my head, too many ideas. I wanted to work on four different stories I have going, all at the same time. Let me tell you, that doesn’t work well at all. Trying to do too many things at once just fries your brain. So this weekend, I forced myself to sit down and choose one to devote myself to. So here’s what I got. It’s not much, it took me a while to get in to the story after stopping for so long. But I was finally able to get back to where I wanted to be. So here it is:

Sienna was scolding herself for tempting fate when she opened her eyes the next morning to find a large man towering over her. At first, all she could do was blink as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing.

From her position on the bed, the man looked like a giant. He towered over her, his broad form blocking out the morning light from the window behind him, casting his features in to shadow. What Sienna could make out didn’t lessen the fear that was suddenly starting to build as she realized that there was a large man standing at her bedside just staring down at her. She could barely make out his piercing golden eyes, but she didn’t have to, to know he was staring straight at her. The hairs standing up on the back of her neck told her as much.

She opened her mouth to speak, but instead of words coming out of her mouth, a dry hacking cough came out instead. Her throat was still dry and raw. But at least she realized, her muscles hurt a lot less from yesterday. Moving today made her wince, but it didn’t immobilize her.

“Here,” A glass of water was thrust in her face. Sienna carefully sat up and grabbed the glass and quickly brought it to her lips. She took small sips to ease her parched throat and to give her mind something to concentrate on rather than the warmth that had blossomed in her chest at the sound of his rich deep voice. A part of her she really didn’t want to think about at that moment was purring with pleasure.

Although she was absolutely sure her face betrayed nothing that was going on in her head on her face, when she dared to look up at the man again, it was to find a smug smile on his lips. It was as if he had heard her thoughts, she felt her cheeks grow warm and quickly darted her gaze away.

When she could finally stall no longer, she handed the glass back to the man who was already holding his hand out for it. He set it down on the table Walter had set up next to the bed last night, next to a small dish crushed herbs and old chipped teapot, the remains of Walter’s “special” tea.

“Thank you,” She said softly, belatedly remembering the manners her grandmother had drilled in to her as a child.

“You’re welcome,” the man replied, his voice a little gruff. Sienna instantly hated the fact that his voice seemed to have some awkward reaction on her. Goose bumps literally covered her hands at the very sound of it.

“My sister informed me last night that you wish to contact your family,” It literally took Sienna’s mind a full minute to comprehend his words. She didn’t even realize she was staring at his mouth until she saw the corners of his lips turn up in a smile, at which her cheeks suddenly flamed.

What the hell was wrong with her? She had never reacted to a man like this before, never. Her body was on fire, and she knew it had nothing to do with her injuries, but everything to do with this man. And what made it all the more worse was that this man seemed to know it.

She tried to remember what he just said, but it seemed to escape her.

“One of my wolves was able to find locate your bag in the car. We’ve already been in contact with your family,” The man informed her, she nodded to show she was listening as she tried to string together the words in her head to make sense. Her brain didn’t seem to be working right, and it worried her. Maybe she hit her head in the accident and something had broken, something that even shifter healing couldn’t help.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she nearly jumped out of her skin when a hand brushed against her cheek. Her eyes immediately flew up to the man who now watched her with sympathy rather than amusement.

“Give it time. Things will return to normal soon. Your body and mind are still adjusting to the change. Your brain is trying to deal with all the new sensory information not to mention you and your wolf are still trying to adjust to each other.” He told her kindly. The only thing she could do was nod since she didn’t quite understand what he was talking about.

“If you’re well enough, I’ll have Marian come up and help you take care of the necessities,” he said gesturing to the connected bathroom. Sienna could feel her checks warm as she did catch on to what he was talking about then. What made it even worse, was that she really did have to use the bathroom and she most definitely didn’t want him to help her there.

She gave a terse nod, avoiding his gaze. She refused to allow him to see the embarrassment and frustration she was sure that was written all over her face. She hated feeling like a stranger in her own body. She hated that her mind couldn’t seem to work right. She hated that nothing felt right anymore. Hot tears began to gather in her eyes as she clutched the quilt tightly in her fists.

“I will send Marian up,” The man informed her, she felt his fingers drift softly over her stiff shoulder. She knew the gesture was meant to be comforting, but jerked away from his touch all the same.

The man said nothing, instead her let out a soft sigh, turned and quietly left the room. Sienna watched until the door closed behind before she let her body relax. What she hated the most of all about this whole change, was the way that man affected her body. Even from just that barest brush, her body had responded. It had taken all of her self-control not to lean in to his touch, not to reach out and touch him. He was a complete stranger that she knew nothing about, yet she was ready to jump in to bed with him. What was wrong with her?

She needed to get better and then she needed to get out of here. As soon as she took care of her body’s needs, the first thing she was looking for was a phone. She would call up Jack and he would come and get her. She couldn’t stay here any longer. She just couldn’t.

Chapter Two

Marian brought her a set of clothes. Since she was about four inches taller than her, and about twenty pounds of muscle heavy then her, the clothes were loose and slightly big. But Sienna didn’t care. Marian had brought her a belt to hold up the jeans, a thick pair of warm socks, and a sweater that looked more like a dress on her, but that was okay. At least wearing something normal helped her to feel a little bit normal.

Marian also helped her downstairs and to the kitchen where breakfast had been laid out on a long wooden table. The stairs had been a little tricky, as she hadn’t been able to bit back the hisses of pain, but she made it downstairs, which was one step closer to freedom.

Two long wooden benches lined both sides of the table. The kitchen was empty except for them but it hadn’t been empty long. Sienna recognized Walter’s scent, and the scent of the man who had been in her room. But there were at least three other scents that strongly stuck out, that new part of her brain that was Other, catalogued them.

We will put faces to those scents, then they will no longer make your nervous, the voice assured her as if that would make her feel better about standing in a room cataloguing scents. The others scents are weak, they have not been in the room in a long time, but there is still enough for us to track them.

Tracking, that was one thing Sienna had always been good at. She had always been able to sense magical signatures. Each person’s magic was different, each person left a different signature when they used their magic and Sienna had been perfect at recognizing each signature and following it back to its source.

It was how she had known that it was her brother who had been behind all those awful things. She could sense his magic all over those people he had hurt and tortured. She had tried to tell someone once, but they hadn’t believed her. Told her she wasn’t sensing right. It didn’t matter that she was the strongest tracker born in their clan in hundreds of years. She had it wrong. It was never Jordan who hurt those people. She was bad for telling such awful lies.

The only one who had ever believed her was Jack. He didn’t need any proof. As far as Jack was concerned, if Sienna said it was true, then it was true. But no one ever listened to either of them and Jordan’s crimes always went unpunished. Even his own victims would never speak up against him. He was just too powerful.

That’s why it was so important that she got back home as soon as possible. People were dead and she couldn’t remember why. She needed to remember what happened? How had their car been driven off the road? How had she been thrown from the car when she always wore her seatbelt?

None of the things they had told her so far made any sense. She didn’t think they were lying to her. They had no reason to lie to her. But everything they had been able to tell her, just didn’t seem right.

“Sienna?” Marian’s voice broke her train of thought. Her new friend was watching her worriedly. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” Sienna said with a frown, not quite understanding the fear she was seeing in Marian’s eyes.

“Good, then could you pull back the power, it’s kind of getting uncomfortable in here,” Marian said with a wince, her shoulders drawing up to her ears.

Sienna froze, only then realizing that the air around her had suddenly turned oppressive. It was like nothing she had ever felt before and was hard for her brain to make sense out of. It was sort of like what she felt from that She-Wolf when she first woke up but different. Then it had felt like there was something brushing against her skin, like ants crawling on her.

This was different. This feeling radiated from her. It was sort of like when you jumped into a pool and the water around you rippled away from you like tiny waves crashing in to the sides of the pool. But where the ripples stopped as the water calmed, this just went on and on.

This feeling was completely new to her. It was magic, she knew it was. She was a magic user, but this magic was foreign. It felt different, not wrong, but different. Where her magic before had always felt light and soft, like air, this magic was heavy, thick, earthy.

The magic immediately ceased, and Marian took in a deep breath and her shoulder’s relaxed.

“Thank you,” Marian said with a smile. Sienna would have replied if she had any idea how she had stopped it. But she hadn’t the slightest idea. If anything, she would think it had stopped only because she became aware of it. She had no idea how she had been doing what she was doing, so the moment she realized the magic was coming from her, it stopped because she was no longer doing it.

“What was that?” Sienna asked.

“That was Pack Magic,” A deep hoarse voice replied as Walter walked in to the room. There was a wicked grin on his lips and he shuffled in to the room. “I haven’t felt magic like that since the last time my grandmother, gods rest her soul, let her temper loose on the entire Pack. She had the entire Pack on their knees. That woman was the strongest female Alpha to ever rule are Clan.”

Walter’s laugh then, a sinister little laugh that sent shivers down her back, as he looked over at his niece, “I don’t think this one will have any trouble holding the Pack.”

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