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Okay, it’s been a long time since the last time I post anything. I’m being bouncing back and forth from story to story, and writing a little bit here and a little bit there but not really much of either. Not enough to post anyway. I wasn’t really feeling either story right now, so I was having the hardest time sitting there and actually writing. I’ve actually been thinking about another story for a while. I’ve been letting it bubble around in my brain for a bit before I tried to get it down on paper. But I finally started. Since I don’t do outlines or plan ahead when I write, there’s nothing really there yet, but instead its just sort of an introduction to the main character. I’m not sure how far I’ll get with this story, but it was just something I want to get down before I lost it. So here is what I got so far, it’s not much but I hoping to add more on soon:

Chapter One

The air was bitingly cold that winter morning. Dove pulled the frayed ends of her ratty gray scarf up to cover her mouth and nose as she glared at her shifter companion who strolled beside in her in a nothing more than a pair of skin tight jeans and thin red sweater. Dove’s stuck her mitten covered hands back in the deep pockets of her down jacket and she bounced from foot to foot trying to keep warm.

“I really hate you, you know,” She muttered behind her the wool scarf that was making her nose itch, while her companion’s lips just lifted in to a grin a she browsed through the messages on her phone, completely ignoring’s Dove’s misery.

She wasn’t the only out dressed in nothing but single layers. They strolled passed a pair of men wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts. Dove couldn’t help but notice how their eyes roamed over her companion’s generous curves before giving her a grin. They’re eyes completely passed over Dove, as if she was nothing more than a shadow.

She should have been used to it by now, after all in her human form, she was rather plain looking, with hair the color of ash, eyes the color of tree bark, and the slender figure of a twelve-year-old girl, she had exactly no sex appeal. It really didn’t help either that the only thing people saw under the layers of clothes she wore, was a pair of dark eyes against porcelain skin, she looked more like a ghost then a living breathing person.

On the other hand, her companion practically gave off vibes that shouted sex. She towered over Dove in her black stiletto boots that emphasized her mile-long legs. Her auburn waves bounced off her bountiful bosom with each step not to mention her swaying hips that drew attention to her perfectly sculpted derriere. There wasn’t an inch of fat of her perfect figure. Dove absolutely hated her and her shifter metabolism. It didn’t matter what she ate, she never gained a fricking pound.

If the woman beside her wasn’t her adopted sister, she would have to kill her. Stick and knife in her back and bury her in the backyard. There would be no other options.

As if reading her thoughts, the would let out a deep rich laugh that drew the attention of a grew of human males across the street who stopped long enough to take a nice good long look at her. They didn’t even notice Dove scowling at them beside her.

“Got up on the wrong side of the bed again, or did the Old Wolf kick you out of bed again?” She asked as she shoved her phone back in her pocket and turned her attention to Dove. Her bright golden eyes sparkling with amusement.

“Humph, who would think a freaking spiritual wolf would be a fricking cover hog. It’s not like he even has a physical body, but the bastard always steals my blankets every night. The blanket I bought him sits unused at the end of the bed. If I even dare to reach for it, I get growled at. Who the hell does he think he is?” Dove snapped.

“Uh, Fenrir, son of Loki, killer of Odin, all around badass,” she reminded Dove with a smile. Dove just glared at her and was rewarded with a shrug.

“I don’t know why he can’t sleep in your bed. After all, you are both wolfy, you think he would rather be with one of his own kind,” Dove snorted.

“Because I’m just a shifter, not a demi-god,” Rem reminded her.

“Demi-god,” Dove snorted even louder. Just because one of her unknown ancestors got frisky with a Norse Goddess, Dove got stuck with a grouchy old spirit wolf who first words to her were that he would eat her the moment she ascended to her true self.

As if that would ever happen. She has only ever changed in to her other self once, and that had been a complete accident. She had only been a child, alone and living on the streets digging food out of dumpsters to eat. She had been more feral dog then human back then. Some man had taken one look at her and saw easy prey for his unnatural sexual tendencies. The man had been an old vampire, he saw a too thin human child living on the streets with no adult around her, as far as he was concerned, she was just easy prey.

He had grabbed her and dragging her deeper into the dark alley she had been scrounging around in, yanking at her threadbare clothes and bearing his fangs. He had expected easy prey, he hadn’t expected the human child to burst in to flames as hot as the sun. He had let out one single shrill scream before he turned in to a pile of ashes.

The change had taken everything out of her little body and she had blacked out. When she woke, she found herself tucked in to a warm bed with a see thru wolf watching over her. Some kind soul had heard the vampire’s scream and had gone to investigate to find her unconscious naked body, her flames had burned her clothes away.

They had taken her to the hospital where they had stuck needles in to her and fed her until she was no longer skin and bones. At first, she had been too tired from the change do more than lie there and eat the food they spoon fed her. But when she got her energy back, she began to lash out at the nurses and the doctors like the wild child she was.

They had to tie her to the bed when the drugs they used to knock her out burned through her system. They didn’t know what to do with her, so they called the authorities who called Rachel. Rachel was a supe, a supernatural. No one knew what kind of supernatural she was, but they knew she had a talent to control and calm other troubled supernaturals.

Although, all the tests they ran said Dove was nothing more than human, they knew there was something different about her. They didn’t know what it was, but there was something about her that didn’t feel human. So, they called Rachel.

Rachel knew what she was the moment she laid eyes on her, she was also the first one to actually see the wolf lying at the foot of the bed. She said nothing when she walked in to the room, just raised a brow when she spotted the wolf and then turned to Dove.

She smiled at her, and introduced herself. She told Dove she would be coming with her and she was going to be living at the Ranch with the other children that were just like her. Dove hadn’t trusted the woman and hadn’t wanted to go, but the doctors didn’t give her a choice. When she snarled at the woman, an all too familiar burn flowed through the needle stuck in the back of her hand. She turned fury filled eyes on the doctor standing beside her IV with a needle in hand before her eyes slid shut.

When she opened them again she was a different room lying on a soft mattress covered in warm blankets. There was no doctor standing at the ready, no ties holding her down. Even the see thru wolf wasn’t there for a change.

Instead there was a small girl about her age sitting on a similar bed a few feet away from her. Her large amber eyes watched her with curiosity. Dove sensed there was something different about the girl. Something that made her hesitate where she would have normally attacked. There was something different about this girl, but something also familiar. There was something in her eyes that Dove recognized. She didn’t have a word for it back then, but she recognized that this girl was like her.

The other girl seemed to sense the same thing as a bright smile lit her lips and she introduced herself, “Hi. I’m Rem.”

That had been sixteen years ago and nothing much had changed. She was still mostly human, she stilled lived with Rem, and the wolf that had appeared at her side sixteen years ago hadn’t left. The only real difference is that now, Dove had control of the fire within her. She had never again made a true transformation to her other self, but she had learned to control the flames that her other self was made of. God Fire, Rachel called it. Something that only Sun gods has access to, or so she said.

Since Dove had no real interest in the gods or ever turning in to a god, she didn’t pay much attention. All she had wanted was a way to control the flames that had started to pop up when she was got overly excited. It didn’t matter what emotion led to the excitement, anger, fear, happiness, whatever it was at the moment, anytime her emotions go out of control, bright golden flames would burst to life, destroying anything they came in contact with.

The first time it happened, Dove had been asleep. She had been dreaming she was being chased by a large black wolf, very much life Fenrir. His was so close, she could felt his hot breath on the back of her neck, she could smell his fetid breath. She had woken up with a scream to find herself surrounding by a roaring fire. The bed beneath her had turned to ash, yet everything else around the bed remained untouched. The flames were contained to a small area around her.

Fenrir sat at the edge of the circle of flames just watching her. The reflection of the golden flames dancing in his black eyes.

Rem sat in her bed watching the fire with large ambers eyes and a grin on her face. Completely unbothered by the fact that her new roommate could have set them all on fire and killed them all in their sleep. But that fact didn’t slip Rachel’s notice. After that day, Rachel worked with Dove every day to get her fire under control. For an hour, every morning they met in the garden and worked on meditation. Then after dinner every night, they spent another hour working on Dove learning how to access her fire. For years, they did this every day until finally, Dove was the one in control of her fire, not the other way around.

But being in control of her fire did nothing to help with the freezing cold of the early winter morning. Being made of fire in her god form, did nothing to help her human form as yet another shiver ran down her back. If anything, she swore it made it worse. What she would have given to be born a shifter instead.

As if reading her thought, Rem just rolled her eyes. It had been an argument between them for as long as they had known each other. Dove hating what she was, and Rem trying to convince her that it was wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns being a shifter either. At least Dove didn’t have to worry about letting her wolf getting out of control and waking up one morning to find she had eaten their pet rabbit. Rem constantly reminded her, it could have been her instead of the rabbit.

Even at ten, Dove had never had any fear that her friend would eat her in her sleep. But no matter what Dove said, Rem would never listen. But then again, she didn’t listen either, when Dove told her there was always the chance that Dove would set her on fire in her sleep. So, she guessed they were a matched pair.

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