Combating the Summer Heat

The weather so far this week has been hot and humid. The skies were mostly cloudy with brief bursts of pouring rain. For those brief moment when the rain was coming down, it felt a little bit better, but as soon as it stopped, the air felt even more humid.

Summer has just begun and I’m all ready for it to be over. Because sitting in a nice air conditioned room is not and option for me most days, I try to take my mind off the heat by thinking of cooler times. Like back in February when I was surrounded by snow. So in keeping with this think cool frame of mind, I decided to focus on stories where its nice and cold. Since I feeling wolfy, I decide to go back and work on Hunter’s Crossing which I haven’t done in a while. Here’s the short bit that I wrote the other day. I’m working on another scene right now that I didn’t want to split up, so I’ll post that as soon as I get it done.  But here’s what I got so far:

Sienna had just opened her mouth to ask what Walter was talking about when a distant single howl went up, alerting others who carried the warning as more and more voices joined the eerie chorus.

Intruders! A voice said in her head, Intruders have entered the valley.

Sienna froze, too stunned by the myriad of voices in her head to actually make sense of the words.

“Quick girl, don’t stand there looking stupid,” Walter said, wrapping a hand around her arm and began to drag her out of the room. Sienna stumbled, nearly taking both of them down when a strong arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her back up.

She whirled around to find the large wolf from earlier, Walker, Marian’s brother. His golden eyes glowing, a growl emanating from deep in his chest. His attention wasn’t directed at Walter and Sienna though, it was directed outwards, to whatever was outside.

“Get them to the Hollow,” He order Marian before releasing Sienna gently.

“What the Hollow?” Sienna asked as Marian appeared by her side to take her brother’s place.

“It’s their safest place in the valley,” Marian explained to her as she wrapped an hand around Sienna’s arm and began to lead her out the backdoor behind Walter.

“It’s sacred ground,” Walter said over his shoulder and he grabbed a worn gray coat from one of the hooks by the door and pulled it own. Marian grabbed an even larger tan coat from another hook and handed it to Sienna before grabbed a more feminine baby blue coat and slipped it on.

Sienna hesitated only for a moment before slipping the thick winter jacket over her shoulders. She had picked up on the owner’s scent the moment Marian had lifted it off the hook. Sienna knew immediately that this jacket belonged to Walker. She also knew just how possessive shifters could be about there things. But seeing as how she didn’t have a jacket and she had yet to figure out how to wear her new fur suit, this would have to do. She just hoped that smelling her scent on his jacket wouldn’t upset the large man.

Marian only gave Sienna enough time to zip on the jacket and slip her feet into a pair of boots that fit her better than the jacket. She couldn’t tell who the boots belonged, since she didn’t recognize the scent.

“My mother’s,” Marian explained with a smile, when she caught Sienna’s nose twitching, “She was the closest to you in size.”

“Hurry it up,” Walter ordered the two women, pulling open the backdoor, he shuffled out in to the newly fallen snow.

The new unknown scents that drifted in threw the open door nearly drove Sienna mad in that one moment. Her wolf, as Marian called it, became excited by all the new unknown scents. Sienna though didn’t know how to deal with all the new information bombarding her. Her body froze, as her brain went in to overdrive.

It was too much, it was just on much. She had never felt anything like this before. It literally felt like her head was about to explode. The world around her began to get fuzzy and it became harder and harder for her to breath. Too much, she wanted to scream, it was too much.

“Damn it, we don’t have time for this,” Walter growled as stalked back toward them. Marian hovered next to Sienna, her forest green eyes wide with worry.

“I’ve never seen anyone react like this before,” Marian said as she slipped an arm under Sienna’s arms and tried to pull her down the path that led towards the Walter’s truck.

Walter hobbled over towards them, shaking his head impatiently, “It would be our luck to get stuck with a tracker.”

“A tracker? But I’ve never seen a tracker react like this.”

“That’s because trackers aren’t made. Their born,” Walter informed her sharply as their two of them forced Sienna to move forward. Her borrowed boots slipped and slide through the soft snow.

“If trackers are only born, then how is she a tracker?” Marian grunted as Sienna slipped and nearly fell. She caught her before Sienna could hit the ground, but now she pretty much dead weight in Marian’s arms. Her eyes were open, but they were empty, her pupils dilated.

“Damn it,” Walter growled through clenched teeth as he and Marian struggled to get Sienna back on her feet. Marian was tempted to just pick up the woman, but she wasn’t sure how Sienna, much less her wolf would react.

Marian was just about to give up and pick the smaller woman up when all of a sudden Sienna’s eyes flashed silver and her body stiffened in their grasp. A growl slide from the woman’s lips and the air around them became electric.

“Sienna? What’s wrong?” Marian asked as the woman tried to struggle out of their grasp.

“Death,” Sienna’s voice was empty of any emotion, her wolf shining throw her eyes, “There is death in the air.”

Just then a howl broke through the silence that had fallen over the small town. One filled with pain and rage. Sienna didn’t know how she knew it, but she knew the howl had come from Walker. She also knew that wherever he was, he was engaged in battle.

The part of her that was wolf wanted to storm off in to the woods and join him in battle. But the part of her that was human knew she could be of no help there. She knew next to nothing about Marian’s brother, but she had no doubt he could handle himself in a battle. There was just something about him that told her he could handle himself in any situation.

Besides, his would not be the only battle today. She turned her head towards the town. She didn’t know how she knew it, but she knew there was danger there too. Let Walker have his battle. She had a battle of her own.

Sorry it so short. Since it’s been so long since I last wrote anything for Hunter’s Crossing, if you forgot what happened before this, please visit my Work in Progress page to catch up. I included the new snippet so everything I’ve written so far is all there.

And if you’re wondering where the featured image was taken, its on the top of the Hakodate Look Out in Hokkaido Japan. It was really nice and cold up there.

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