Utter Fail

I finally got a roll of film developed that I started shooting in early January and just finished off last week. It was a roll of ISO 100 Lomography Color Negative film, and I had started it on a sunny day, only to end up leaving in the camera for weeks due to lack of sunshine and free time. Well, I finally finished it off and got it developed. I was a little wary to see how to pictures had come out since I had come realize that I was stilling shooting with the digital camera mindset and complete forgetting that there is no such thing as Auto-ISO on a film camera. What you put in, is what you get for the next 36 exposures, which, would have been fine if I had remembered to check the aperture and shutter speed settings before snapping away. So of course I ended up with quite a few underexposed pictures.

But, I figure it was a good learning experience, and now I actually take the time to check my camera settings before snapping away. And at least most of my pictures did come out.

I also learned that cameras that are as old as I am do need some care. Unfortunately this lesson was learned when I was in the middle of rewinding a roll of film, and my film rewind knob and crank popped off my camera. I was a little surprised, but figured it was an easy fix. Just screw the knob back on and keep rewinding. Which I did. When I could no longer feel the tension of the film being rewound on the roll I figured it was good and safe to open the camera. Nope. It turns out my film was only half way through being rewound and I lost five full frames and got some lovely light leaks on a couple others. IMG_0644 But I figure these are just learning experiences. You can’t learn something new without making a few mistakes. And if anything, this just made me want to try even harder the next time around.

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