Mad Dash to November

September is going by way too quickly. NaNoWriMo is now less then two months away. I’m not sure how other participants are preparing, but my one and only form of preparation is finishing my NaNoWriMo story from the year before. I’ve noticed that without the urgency to get down as many words on paper as quickly as possible, I have a really bad habit of over analyzing everything I write. As soon as November’s over, I start nitpicking everything. I’ll write something one day, and then erase it the next because I don’t like where its going. In November, I’ll write 50,000+ words, while every other month of the year I’ll be lucky to get 10,000.

With less than two months to go, I’m not sure if I’ll be available to finish last year’s story in time. I’m going to try for it, but if I can’t, I may do something completely new. I’ve had an couple of ideas bouncing around my head for the a while now that I wanted to try out. But I’ve been so focused on Rebirth and completing it, that I haven’t given them time to develop. So far they’re just vague idea that would need a lot of fleshing out, but seeing as how they stuck in my head for so long, I think its something I might want to try out.

But I’ll have to see how far I get in Rebirth until then. On a side note, I’ll be posting two more chapters of Shattered in a bit. It’s almost complete. The ending keeps changing because it leads in to Rebirth, and I keep changing Rebirth. Once I settle on how I want Rebirth to go, I’ll finish posting the last few chapters. Sorry!

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