Chapter One

“War is coming,” Sarah said. Silence descended upon the room as all eyes turned to her.

“Have you seen something?” Nick was the first to speak. He sat forward in his seat, his golden eyes watching Sarah intently.

“Not a single thing, many things,” Sarah said, her amethyst eyes staring in to a world that none of them could follow her to. Sarah was blind and had been blind since birth, but you would never know it with the way she moved. Her “sight” gave her the ability to see truth of the world around her and sometimes like now, glimpses of the future. She may not physically be able to see like Mia and the others were, but what she had, more than made up for it.

“Well, it’s not like it was something we didn’t know,” Ronan said with a shrug as he turned back to ball game on the large screen television in the Rosen’s living room as if nothing had happened.

“What do you see?” Sarah’s father and Mia’s former bossed, Alistair Rosen asked.

“Blood,” Sarah said, Mia stilled as all eyes were now on her. She couldn’t keep the scowl off her lips. It’s not like she was the only blood magic user in the room, yet at the mere mention of blood all eyes turned to her. What about her cousin Marco who sat across from her with his wife and sleeping daughter, or his sister Delilah who lounged on the couch with Ronan watching the game. Why was she the one they all turned to?

“Really?” She demanded as not a single eye looked away.

“Well, you sort are the whole reason for the whole war and all,” Ronan said. Mia just glared at him and he shrugged, “Just saying, you seem to draw these super powerful, crazy as bat shit, blood magic users to you. That psycho in the book store, that William Gregor guy, hell from what we’ve heard, even your own twin sister seems to have it out for you.”

“Thank you Captain Obvious for the playback,” Mia snapped, “And here, I had completely forgotten the reason why I no longer have a job, no longer have an apartment, and am under 24-hour surveillance.”

“Are you saying, you don’t enjoy my company?” Ronan asked with a pout that made Mia wish she had something heavy at hand that she could throw at that all too handsome face.

“Do you know what it’s like to live with that?” Mia said as she whirled around to look around the room, and suddenly no one could meet her eyes but Ronan who just grinned widely at her.

“Come on, it’s not that bad,” Marco said finally, but the grin on his face was a bit too large, “It’s not like you live together exactly. Just in the same building. And it’s not like you’re stuck with him all day, just most of the day.”

Mia turned her steely gray eyes on her cousin, who quickly shut up and suddenly seemed to be very interested in the pattern of the fabric of the couch beneath him.

“Mia, this is not a permanent thing,” Mr. Rosen told her patiently, “Until the bookstore can be repaired and the wards repaired around the building, it would be best that you stay where someone is near just in case you need assistance.”

Mia heard someone snort but refused to look for the culprit. At least one person in the room was aware of just how dangerous she was. Just because until recently, she hadn’t used her magic in the last twenty-five years, it didn’t mean she was completely helpless. She may not have accessed her magic, but she had still kept herself in shape and she was still as good with a steel blade as she was with a blood knife. Just because she no longer went by the name Amelia Dragos, didn’t mean she still wasn’t as capable.

“No one’s doubting that you can protect yourself,” Marco said as if reading her thoughts, “It’s just better that we keep you away from as much fighting as possible, least we have a repeat of the explosion that closed the bookstore.”

Mia scowled, but she got his meaning. Mia didn’t need to fight to cause destruction. With the recent awakening of her true powers, she could cause a potential disaster just by being near anyone would could draw that power out of her. Which was the reason why she was under constant guard. Delilah had become her daytime baby sitter, while Ronan spent the nights within earshot of her.

Nick had volunteered for night duty but Mr. Rosen had nixed the idea. No one was clear yet on what the connection was between Nick and Mia. Although it was clear, he was able to calm the magic within her, they weren’t sure why and they weren’t sure his presence wouldn’t have the opposite effect on her. So until they knew more, the farther apart they were the better.

But sometimes, on days like today, when they had enough people around to mitigate the damage, they were allowed to be together in the same room. These days were far and few between. Mia would never admit it aloud, but she was glad that they were. Being around Nick made her feel confused. Not just about her feelings for him, which she honestly had no idea what they were, but about herself.

She knew she no longer wanted to be Amelia Dragos, but she didn’t yet know who Mia Carlisle was either. Bring around Nick seemed to blur the lines, so that she was neither. She didn’t know who she was when she was around him, and that scared her. Because when she around him, she felt things she shouldn’t, things she couldn’t explain. Things that made her wonder just who she truly was.

She knew from the supposed William Gregor and from the things that man who had attacked her at the bookstore had said, that the both of them believed she was the reincarnation of some great Omega blood magic user. She didn’t know anything about the woman they thought she was. All she knew was that the both of them wanted her badly enough to go out of their way to get her. William by means of gaining her allegiance, and the unknown attacker by awakening the woman he thought she was.

And that was what scared Mia the most, losing herself when she was just beginning to discover the woman she could truly be. Mia knew that she, like the three other women in her family, was one of the reincarnated souls of the original Omegas. From what she had been able to gather, she knew her grandmother had done some kind of ceremony that had sacrificed the soul of the original inhabitant of the body she now possessed and bound her soul to this body. But that was all she knew. She knew nothing about the original Omegas, or specifically the woman she was supposed to have been reincarnated from.

For the past month, Marco, Mr. Rosen and all their most trusted contacts had been trying to find all they could on the original Omegas. But everything they came across was just myth or rumor. Nothing substantial could be found, neither among the Dragos Libraries nor the Guild records. The only person who may have known anything was now dead, murdered at her own sister’s hands. With Theodora Dragos dead, they had nothing.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, there were now rumblings among the Guild. For the past month, they had allowed Mia to live relatively in peace. They had brought her in for questioning right after the incident in the bookstore, but because they had no real reason to hold her they had let her go. They weren’t even trying to hide the fact that they suspected she was a blood magic user but they had no real proof to prove she was. After all, nothing that had happened that day had anything to do with blood. There had been some bright lights, an explosion of power and a sudden windstorm indoors, but not a single drop of blood had been split. So they had an awful time trying to prove she was something she was denying she was.

It hadn’t stopped them for bringing her in for periodic questioning. They claimed they were still investigating what happened in the bookstore that day and they had some new leads they wanted to ask her although they were just the same questions they had asked her the last time. It was obvious they were waiting for her to slip up and forget a detail or change her story, but she never did. She had told them the truth; some unknown man had entered the bookstore mistaking her for someone else. He had caused the destruction when he tried to force her to leave with him. She had refused and had been lucky enough that one of their own had been in the store to save her.

Of course that was a highly edited version of the truth, but they didn’t need to know that. Really, there was a lot they didn’t need to know. And Mia definitely wasn’t volunteering any information. Technically, blood magic wasn’t illegal, but it was highly prejudiced, especially among the Guild. The fact that she was Amelia Dragos, the once heir to the ruling blood magic clan of North America definitely would not win them over.

Just a week ago, things had finally begun to start calming down. She had finally been able to leave the building she now resided in without spotting an undercover guild agent hanging outside her door. She had even begun to miss the black SUV that use to trail her around town when she and Delilah used to run errands. She was just beginning to remember what it felt like to be anonymous when she spotted the new guy who moved in downstairs from the apartments where she and Ronan lived.

She and Delilah had just been returning from grocery shopping when they had passed him on the stairwell of their brownstone. She hadn’t given him more than a quick glance. He was tall, probably a little taller than Ronan’s six foot four inches. He had broad shoulders and a well-toned body. It was obvious his worked out, not an inch of fat on him. From her quick glance, she knew he was good-looking, but in her family she was surrounded by good looking men so she barely glanced at his handsome face. She only noticed his cobalt eyes and his well-trimmed black hair.

He greeted the two of them with a wide smile, Delilah smiled back while Mia nodded, she was just walking past him when the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Electricity zinged up her spine as they passed one another.

Magic User, A-Level, Focus, Electrical Magic. Mia absorbed the magic he had sent out, her lips tingling, her blood boiling. If she had been any other magic user, that might have been enough to stop her heart, but she wasn’t. Like her cousin Marco, Mia had two magicks. Her primary magic was blood magic, but like Nick, she was also able to use Electrical Magic. It wasn’t something that was well known, no one in her entire family knew she had a secondary power. But this man seemed to.

He smirked at her as he descended the stairs, not looking surprised at all that she had absorbed his magic as if it was nothing. With a jaunty whistle he walked right out the front door as if nothing had happened.

It had only taken a little investigating to find out that their new neighbor was Aiden Smith, one of the Guild’s top trackers. It was his job to hunt down criminals and bring them to justice. From what Ronan was able to learn, Aiden was one of those rare trackers who could scent magic, which was probably how he had been able to sense Mia’s secondary power.

Delilah was also a tracker, a very, very good one. Delilah could follow a trail ten days old. No other trackers in their clan had ever been able to do that. But even as great as her talents were, Delilah couldn’t differentiate between magicks.

Mia could, but the person had to be standing right in front of her. Mia had never known another like her. She had heard there were others, but from what she knew, they were all blood magic users. She had always believed it had been a blood magic trait, since they were really sensing the magic in the blood of the person, not so much the scent of the magic.

But Mia had tasted nothing of blood magic on the man who had passed them. So how was he had known the one thing Mia had always kept secret?

Mia did not doubt Sarah’s words. A war was coming, and she would be a fool to not acknowledge the fact that she would most likely be in the middle of it all. Whatever was coming, it was coming for her. It was going to take everything she had to make sure that she and the ones she cared for would survive it. Even if it meant giving in to her darker self, she would ensure that those who were hers would survive.

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