Chapter Three

The one good thing about having a secondary power meant that she could use a magic that wouldn’t alert the entire blood magic user population to her whereabouts. The bad thing about having a secondary power meant that while blood magic did not drain her because blood magic came from outside rather than inside, using her secondary power drained her like crazy.

She didn’t use secondary magic often, if she used it at all. The rare times she had used it was when she had no other choice. Like when using it meant the difference between life and death. People expected to see a blood knife appear in her hands, no one expected to see a bolt of light erupt from her moments before they took their last breathes.

It was the one surprise attack she had and she knew she would only be able to use it once before they figured it out. In a big battle, she would need as many weapons as she could. While crating weapons from her blood was probably as perfect of a weapon as she could get, she only had so much blood in her body. Using too much would get her killed fast.

So she decided it was time to work on her second weapon. She needed to get better at controlling it, and get use to using it so it wouldn’t drain her so quickly. She had never been tested as anything but a blood magic user. Usually secondary powers didn’t register on the magical examination because they were usually much weaker than the primary power.

But sometimes, like with Marco, the secondary power was just as powerful as their primary power, and the examination would register one power over the other. It was how Marco got in to the Guild. He had enough control of both of his magicks that when they tested him, he flooded his body with his secondary magic so that it hid the fact that he had another magic. So as far as the Guild was concerned, Marco was an A-level fire magic user.

Mia wasn’t sure what level she was as an Electrical Magic user. She had never been tested by the Guild or by anyone. She had never wondered why all the other children in her clan had to go thru testing and why she had always just been an A-level blood magic user. She had always just figured she had been tested when she really young and just didn’t remember it.

Since she didn’t know how the testing worked, she didn’t know how to gauge what level she would be. She knew the general principle of the test, everyone did. But she didn’t know how the examination itself worked.

She knew she could easily get an answer, she was sure Nick could tell her. But that would mean exposing her secret and that was something she was not ready to do. With a sigh, Mia realized she had no choice. If she wanted to know more about her powers and just what she was capable of, she would have to get help.

Nick was completely out of the question. He already knew she was an Omega blood magic user, she really didn’t want him to know she had a secondary power as well. What she needed was someone who was an electric magic user, someone strong enough to teach her, but someone not strong enough to sense she was more than she said she was.

She would have to look in to magic schools nearby. Maybe someone who would offer private lessons. But, she thought with a frown, wouldn’t they wonder why an adult female had no training whatsoever on the use of her powers, much less the fact that said power was unregistered with the guild. So, nope, school and tutors were off that list.

A part of her whispered she could always just kidnap someone who could teach her and then kill them when she was done. No one needed to know a thing. A dead person couldn’t spill her secret. She would have done it when she was Amelia if she had thought about it. Which Mia was very glad at this moment that she hadn’t. She wasn’t Amelia anymore.

No, she wasn’t, but neither was she Mia Carlisle either, that same voice whispered.

Shut up, she snapped at the new voice in head.

You are not the first Mia Carlisle, the soft sinister voice taunted. You are not the first and you will not be the last. Were you not even curious as to how you came up with the name? Why it fits you so well? Why you answered to it so easily? You think your Mia is so much better than the one you call Amelia Dragos. But what if the truth were far worse? What if your Mia was a far greater evil than you thought?

“Shut up!” Mia snapped angrily, her voice echoing around the empty room, as the voice only she could hear chuckled in her ears.

There had been many times over the past twenty-five years when Mia had thought she might go crazy, now she knew for fact that she was. When had the voice in her head become someone else’s? What had the thoughts become not her own? When had the madness taken over?

Mia’s hands clenched into fists as the voice continued to laugh.

What a silly fool you are. Somebody else’s voice? Somebody else’s thoughts? They have always been your own. The moment you took her face, the moment you took her name, they became your own.

Mia stood still as the words sunk in. Her face? Her name? What did that mean? Whose face had she taken? Whose name?

Such a silly child, searching for the truth in all the wrong places. You won’t find what you’re looking for in books or the memories of others. You will only find the truth you are searching for in the blood, in the blood that flows through you and the blood that flows through him. The memories you are searching for are locked in there. If you are truly brave enough to find your answer, you must unlock the blood memories you fought so hard to suppress. But I will tell you now, you locked them away for a reason. If you break that seal, you must deal with the monster you unleashed.

Mia slid to the wooden floor, her hands clenched so tight, blood slid through the creases between her fingers, dripping into puddles on the wooden boards around her. Just who the hell was she? Who did this soul belong to? Would she never escape the evil she was born in to?

“Kai.” The word escaped her lips as the world around her faded and the darkness found her.


When Mia opened her eyes once more, the room around her was draped in shadows. Mia slowly turned her head towards the window a few feet away from her. She watched as the last rays of the winter sun fought the encroaching darkness, as the remains of the day faded and night began its reign.

Is this what her life had become? Is that what she had to look forward? Would all the light in her one day fade away and all that would be left was a darkness she had no hope of escape from?

With a groan of pain, Mia pulled herself up in to a sitting position. Passing out of her living room floor was definitely not good for her body. Her legs felt like they were being stabbed by a thousand little needles, her head felt like someone had taken a hammer to it, and every muscle in her back felt like it was spasming. If she could have screamed, she would have, but even breathing hurt. In that moment, she felt every one of her hundred and fifty years.

Slowly she shifted her legs so that the blood finally began to flow in them. The pins and needles feeling slowly lessened but it did nothing for her head or back. Mia was just about to bring her hand to her head when she noticed the crusted blood on her palms and fingers and the crescent shaped wounds in the hands that had at least sealed themselves while she was out.

Using just a trickle of blood magic, not enough to draw any real attention to her, she sealed the healed the wounds on her hands and eased the pain in her head and back. In a few moments, she was able to breath without fearing her head was about to explode.

The dried blood that had covered her hands turned to ash, all its magic used up. Mia knew now that she didn’t need to use blood to fuel her magic, that her blood debt had already been paid. But she didn’t feel right about not using a blood payment for her magic. Someone had sacrificed their soul so that she could live again in their body. It felt wrong to use their soul as payment for her magic. So although she didn’t need to make a payment to use her magic, she still did.

She was just getting to her feet when there was a knock on her door. Mia glanced down at the puddles of dried blood on the wooden floor but knew she didn’t have time to wash it away. Instead, she used a flash of magic and the dried blood turned in to ash.

Blood was power to her people. The stronger the sacrifice, the stronger the magic, and there was no one stronger than an Omega. She couldn’t just let her blood fall in to the wrong hands. Even an E-level blood magic user could do a lot of damage with just a few flakes of her blood. Even if this was her own home, it was better to be safe than to be sorry.

With a quick glance around to make sure she hadn’t missed anything, Mia headed to the door. She didn’t even wonder who it could be, just figuring it was Ronan come to pick her up. Usually he didn’t bother to knock since he had his own key, but sometimes he was in rush and forgot it. It didn’t happen often, but it did happen.

So when she threw open her door she had a fake smiled plastered all over her face only to find that the person on the other side of the door was not her annoying neighbor.

The smile quickly fell from her face as an all too familiar pair of golden eyes studied her reaction.

“Where’s Ronan?” The words came out more as a demand then a question.

“He’s running late. He had to take care of something and asked that I pick you up in his place.” His words were clipped and his voice cool, but still just the sound of his voice made her heart speed up. Why was this happening to her? How did her affect her in such a way? Had she truly lost not just her mind but control of her own body?

Raising a hand to her head, Mia rubbed her temples where her head had begun to ache again.

“Are you feeling all right?” He asked, this time his voice was softer.

“No. No, I’m not feeling well,” She said shaking her head as she turned around and walked back in to her apartment. “I don’t think I’ll be able to go over tonight. Please tell Marco, that I’m unwell and that I will speak to him tomorrow when I’m feeling better.”

For some reason, she had expected him to accept her dismissal and leave her be. But really, she should have known better. She could only watch in horror and he walked in to the living room and shut the door behind him. He looked around the small room with a frown as he pulled his cellphone out of his coat pocket.

“Well, I guess if you don’t feel well enough to leave, we’ll just have to meet here. Michael said he had something important to tell us. From the way he sounded earlier, I think it was an urgent enough matter that it needed to be discuss tonight,” Nick said, using the name he knew Marco by. He started punching keys on the phone when Mia lay her hand over his to stop him. She ignored the tingling feeling where their fingers touched.

“You’re not going to let this go, are you? Even if I say I’m dying, you’ll just drag us all to the emergency room, won’t you,” She asked, her voice flat and weary.

“If you truly felt ill enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room, then yes, I would. But you aren’t, so hurry up and grab a jacket. We’re already running late,” He said simply as he shoved his phone back in to his pocket and headed back towards the door. “You can tell me on the drive why you felt the need to lie to me and what you were using blood magic for.”

Mia just let out a long sigh, she really should have known better. If anyone would be able to sense her using magic, even the meager amount that she had, it would be Nick.

Without any further argument or excuse, Mia walked back to her room and grabbed her thick winter coat from her closet and followed Nick out. She really didn’t know what they were to each other, but after her earlier experience today, she definitely knew that she no longer wanted to know what connected them. Whatever it was, it was from a shared past that neither of them remembered. What she had seen today was enough to let her know, that sometimes somethings were meant to remain in the past.

The ride to his house was quiet, the air in the vehicle filled with tension. He didn’t say a thing once they started off. Instead he directed his full attention on the road in front of him. She figured he was probably waiting for her to say something, but he was in for a long wait if he expected her to volunteer anything. Her madness was nothing something she wanted to share with anyone, especially not him.

Mia spent the time on the long drive staring out the window. She watched as the town passed by before her. They left the upper-middle class neighborhood where she and Ronan lived. Marco and his family lived a few blocks over from them and Delilah was renting an apartment around the corner from them.

Mr. Rosen and his family lived towards the edge of town, further north where the rich people lived. He and his family lived in a large mansion in a very prestigious gated community. Sarah had explained that had more to do with her mother’s desires then her father’s. If it had been up to her date, they would have been living up above the bookstore like Mia had. Her father loved being the middle of things and where better to be then in the middle of town.

Sarah’s mother had nixed the idea before he could even propose it. She was a famous actress, and she had been raised by and old money family. She had known luxury all her life. She could afford to keep up with her current lifestyle, so why should she be forced to live in a tiny apartment above a bookstore.

Sarah had just laughed at that, saying her mother could be such a snob sometimes. But her father loved her mother enough to live in her huge home they had to pay people to clean daily. They had more rooms then they could possibly need and an Olympic size pool that nobody used. There were tennis courts and a stable which sat empty since none of them rode. Sarah said it was a ridiculous house for their family because most of it sat empty and unused. But her mother absolutely loved it, and they loved her mother.

Mia hadn’t told Sarah that the home she had grown up in had been three times as large as her home. She had grown up with anything and everything she could ever desire just waiting for her beck and call. She, Emily, Marco and Delilah had been like royalty among the clan. Her father, Alexander, it’s prince.

From a young age they had been taught that it was there right to take anything they wanted. They were the strongest, they were the best among the Dragos, therefore whatever they desired belong to them. Yet at the same time, Theodora had been a strict and often times cruel leader. She raised them all, she ruled them all, if you did something that was not up to her standard you would be beaten. If you disobeyed her, you would be tortured. The blood knives were her favorite punishment. Mia’s back was covered with scars, thin white lines that looked like spider’s silk against her skin. It had taken years for the angry red wounds to heal enough to appear as faint white lines. And years for the pain to subside enough for her to be able to lie on her back at all. Even now days when she slept, she always slept on her side, it was a habit she learned long ago, and one she would probably never break.

Mia was so deep in thought, she barely noticed when they turned away from the part of town where the Rosen’s lived and instead turned north, towards the mountains. Mia frowned as she tried to remember what was in this direction. She had only been living in Stonehaven for seven months, and within that time she had barely gone further than a couple miles in all directions from the bookstore.

Only recently, since she had moved in with Ronan had she gone further out. But even then, she didn’t go far. Neither she nor Delilah had a car, so they were limited in distance by how far they could walk. Luckily, the local grocery store was only a couple blocks away, and if they needed to run in to town, there was a bus they could take that would get them there in fifteen minutes. The farthest Mia had gone was to the Rosen home and that was a twenty minute drive across town from Ronan’s house.

Mia didn’t recognize any of the roads they were on now. They had left the main town long behind. Even the homes were getting few and far between, until it would be miles before they would spot one.

Soon the road went from asphalt to gravel. There were no street lights out her and Nick needed to drive with his high beams to make out the narrow road they know drove on. Mia briefly wondered if Nick was planning on killing her. Was he taking her out of time to some secluded location in the woods where her he could kill her and bury her were no one would find her.

But as soon as that thought came it left. With an amused smile on her face she watched as empty fields turned in to a forest of pine trees so high that they blocked out the sky above. Mia only realized when they had been driving on the gravel road for a while that there was no snow on the gravel. She could clearly made out the narrow road against the snow covered ground. But how was that possible when they counted even afford to keep all the streets in town snow free. There was no way they could possible get a snow plow out here and even if they did, it couldn’t possible plow away the snow on the gravel. Yet she couldn’t deny that the road they were on was completely free of snow.

Mia knew Nick was rich, but just how rich was he. Was he rich enough to afford to hire a team to come out and plow his driveway every day? Heck, they’d probably have to plow it continuously to keep it this clean. She couldn’t even see a speck of snow on against the dark gravel.

Part of her was really curious to know, but not curious enough to ask him. He would probably bite her head off for bringing it up. She wondered if Ronan would know. She knew Ronan might laugh at her question, but sure as heck would be a lot safer asking Ronan then it would to say anything to Nick right now.

So she just sat there and stared out the window taking everything in. She wasn’t sure how long they had been driving for, but she was pretty sure it was at least a good forty minutes. She wondered if Nick had to drive this far every day? Wasn’t it a bit much? Wouldn’t it have been better for him to live in town, closer to work? After all, she was sure he got calls in the middle of the night like Ronan did. In this past month alone, Mia had counted four times when Ronan had been called out in the middle of the night to go examine some crime scene or another. And then he would drag himself back at the end of the day and fall into bed dead asleep in seconds.

Mia was sure that Nick must be getting those same calls. Did he have to drive in to town every time he go one of those calls, and then drive all the way back home after he was done. Wasn’t he afraid of falling asleep and the wheel and plowing in to some tree? The road had gotten so narrow that any mistake on the driver’s part could send them careen in to the trees. Did he really traverse this in the dead of night?

“What?” Nick’s voice suddenly broke the silence.

“I didn’t say anything,” Mia squeaked in surprise.

“You didn’t have to. You’re squirming around in your seat so much you look like there are ants in your pants. What’s bothering you so much you can sit still?” He said as he took his eyes off the road in front of him for a moment to glance her way.

“It’s nothing,” she said with a shake of her head.

He gave a weary sigh as his hands tightened on the steering wheel, “Is anything that comes out of your mouth today not going to be a lie?”

“It’s not a lie. It really is nothing,” Mia argued.

“Then just said it, your fidgeting is getting on my nerves,” he snapped back.

“I was just wondering if you really live this far out here. Isn’t it a hassle to drive out here every day? Wouldn’t it be easier to just live in town?” Mia snapped back. Mia wasn’t sure what kind of reply she was expecting to get back, but it sure as hell wasn’t the rich sound of his laughter.

“That’s why was bothering you? On whether or not I live out here?” He said shaking his head incredulously.

“That’s why I said it was nothing, but you wouldn’t take that as an answer.”

He just shook his head as he glanced at her out of the side of his eyes, “As an answer to your question, no, I don’t live this far out here. This is my family home. I live in town, not far from where you a Ronan live. But my house isn’t big enough for all of us, so I offered the use of my family home.”

“Why does your family live so far from town?” She asked with a frown, surprised to hear his answer. She hadn’t realized he lived so close to her. He hadn’t said anything, never volunteered any information about it. How was she supposed to know where her lived.

“My family doesn’t, my grandfather does,” He said, the amusement gone from his voice, now it was back to the flat tone she had gotten used to. Part of her wondered if she should even bother to ask why his grandfather lived this far out from town. Surely it wasn’t convenient for him to be this far out. Did someone do the shopping for him? Run his errands?

She decided to keep her mouth shut. If he thought her original question was bad enough, she wasn’t sure what he would think of her new questions. So instead she sat there staring out of her window once more.

They hadn’t been driving long when Nick broke the silence once more, “We’re almost there. It’s just around the bend. You’ll see the lights soon enough.”

And he hadn’t been wrong. They took a curve around a bend of trees and then suddenly the house was there. She wasn’t sure what she had been expecting when she thought about a house this far out in the woods, but what she saw was definitely not what she have imagined.

The house sat in the middle of wide clearing. It was a couple of stories high and looked like a large log cabin. Lights shone from every window in the house, filling the clearing with light and warmth. She had known that Nick came from old money. She always had this image of him being raised in some cold, sterile environment. But this was the complete opposite. The home looked so welcoming and warming. Some of the trees around the house were even wrapped with Christmas lights and the railings of the wrap about porch were covered in garland with bright red ribbons. There was even a large wreath on the front door. Everything just looked so festive.

Nick pulled the Land Rover up to the front of the house and parked it beside the only other car in the drive, an old blue pickup truck. Mia opened her door and slid out of the passenger seat. She stared up at the house in wonder. She had never seen anything like it. Sure, all the stores and a few houses in town were decorated with lights and festive decorations, but none of them exuded the warmth this house did. She didn’t know how to describe it except to say that she felt welcome here.

Nick came around to her side and shut the passenger side door she had left open. He offered her his arm and she took it with really paying attention. She was too absorbed in her surrounding to pay much attention to anything else.

“Be careful, the stairs can be slippery,” Nick warned as he led up her the dozen steps that led up to porch and the front entrance. Mia nodded that she heard him but in truth she hadn’t the slightest idea what he said.

“Does it always feel like this?” She asked softly as Nick stopped them before the door as he dug through his pockets for the keys.

“Like what?” Nick asked he patted the pockets of his heavy coat.

“Like coming home,” she said as she reached out to touch the large wreath that hung on the front door. She had never seen one that was so big before, it took up nearly the entire door. She was so caught up in her examination that she didn’t notice Nick had stopped searching for his keys and just stood there watching her with a frown on his lips.

“Is that what you feel?” Nick’s words were soft, so soft she only didn’t hear them. She turned to look at him, to find him staring down at her with those intense gold eyes.

“Stonehearth does not welcome everyone, you should felt honored that it has chosen you,” A deep voice said from behind them, Mia turned to find a man that looked just like Nick walking towards them from around the corner of the house.

“Grandfather,” Nick said in surprise as the man drew nearer to them. Mia looked at Nick in surprise before turning back to the man who could have been Nick’s twin if not for his sparkling blue eyes that winked at her mischievously. This couldn’t possibly be Nick’s grandfather. The closer her got, Mia realized that he looked even younger than Nick. He looked like he was in his early twenties, definitely no older than twenty-five. Nick was a good ten years older than that. How was that possible?

“Magic,” Nick’s grandfather replied, answer Mia’s silent question.

“How?” She asked breathless, not sure if she was asking how he knew or how he had remained so young.

“A curse, a very nasty one,” He said, the light that had been in his eyes dimmed a little, but it was only for a moment before it was gone and a bright smile was on his lips once more. Mia could only look in wonder at the handsome young man before her. If Nick had ever smiled at her in that way, she would surely have died right then and there. It was probably a good thing he never did. She wasn’t exactly sure what she would do, melt in his arms or faint dead away.

“But that aside, let me welcome you to our family home, this is Stonehearth and I’m your host, Nathaniel St. Croix,” He said with a warm smile and held out his hand.

Mia froze at the sound of his name. Her heart sped up at she stared in horror at the man before her. Nathaniel St. Croix, her grandmother’s obsession. Mia wasn’t supposed to know about him, no one was supposed to know about him. He was her grandmother’s secret, her greatest shame. This was the one man her grandmother desired most in the entire world, and the one man who had spurned her.

Even over a thousand years old, her grandmother had been beyond beautiful, she had been ethereal. With long rich auburn hair and bright silver eyes, she had been known to attract any man she set her sights on, any man but this one.

Theodora knew nothing about love, she had a heart that was cold as stone, but for some reason, Nathaniel had awoken something in her. Something that craved him completely and so completely that she was willing to scarfice anything to have him. But he didn’t want her. He had a fiancée, a girl waiting back at home for him. He told her grandmother as much but her grandmother refused to listen. Her need for him was so all-consuming that she would do anything to have him.

When he refused her again and again, and finally fled from her in the middle of the night, it threw her in to a fit of madness. She hunted him down, followed him all the way back to his home town and there she slaughtered every man, woman and child, everyone but him. She saved his fiancée for last. She slowly drained her, making thin cuts over every inch of skin until she finally bled out hours later. And once she had gathered all that power, she did the impossible, she made Nathaniel immortal.

Mia wasn’t sure exactly what her grandmother hoped to gain. She suspected that Theodora hoped that if she made Nathaniel immortal like she was, he would one day forgive her and fall in love with her. Mia knew that would never happened, but maybe in her grandmother’s madness it was the only hope she had.

Mia had only learned this from her father Alexander. Alexander had no love for his mother or for his place in the clan. He usually spend his day wasted, lost in his drink. He had only told her this tale as a warning. It had been the day before she had left the manor with a young Nick. He must have realized what she planned on doing and had been warning her what the consequences would be if she let this obsession she had for this boy rule her. It only led to pain and madness he had tried to tell her. But Mia hadn’t listen. She hadn’t cared what the punishment would be, she just had to set him free. And the truth was, it still didn’t matter. She wouldn’t change a thing. She still would have sacrificed everything to set him free. Whatever this was between them, whatever bound them together, it wasn’t like the madness that drove her grandmother to eradicate an entire village. She hadn’t been trying to make a man fall in love with her, she had just been trying to save a boy.

Mia stared out Nathaniel’s outreach hand and slowly backed away. She shouldn’t be here. She shouldn’t be in this place. It should never have welcomed her, not after what her family had done to his. She realized now why Nick had been in her grandmother’s home. She had taken him as payback for Nathaniel never loving her. She had used him, tortured him all because a man refused to love her back.

How could he welcome her after everything that had happened? She took another step back and hit something hard. Arms wrapped around her from behind her, holding her close, holding her tight. She would have fought if not for the sudden tingling feeling against her back and shoulders.

Nathaniel just watched her with a kind smile on his lips, “I know who you are Amelia Dragos, and I like Stonehearth bear you no grudge. I don’t blame you for the crimes committed against me or my family.”

He walked towards them, Mia tried to fight, tried to free herself from Nick’s arms but he held on to her, holding her tightly within his arms.

“Mia, calm down,” Nick grunted as one of her elbows jabbed him in the side.

“I don’t belong here. I don’t belong in the place. It’s wrong. I will only taint it. I’ll only bring death and pain here,” She fought.

“Shhh,” Nathaniel said kindly shaking his head, as he came to stand beside them, “I do not believe that and neither does Nikolas or he would have never brought you here. What you have done for my family is a great service. Do not think for a moment that I do not understand what sacrifice you made to save my grandson. I know the terrors of your grandmother first hand as does he. But still, you betrayed her, you betrayed your family and your clan to save him and for that I will be forever grateful.”

“He didn’t deserve what happened to him. He didn’t deserve the pain or the torture,” Mia said shaking her head, “He didn’t do anything.”

“No, and neither did you,” Nathaniel said as he reached out and gently ran a finger over her a thin white line against the side of her neck, “No one deserves to be tortured so. But to break such a strong and bright child, I think you must have felt her blade more times than either of us could imagine.”

Mia stilled at his words, “I’m not the person you think I am. I am neither good nor kind. I have taken more lives than the number of scars I bear on my body. Each scar is a reminder to me of the person I am.”

“I don’t believe that,” Nathaniel said as he shook his head. “If that were true, Stonehearth would never have welcomed you. It would have turned you away like it had many others. If Nikolas even believed for a moment that you were not worthy, he would have never brought you here, not to this place, not to our home. If my grandson believes in you enough to bring you here, I think it is time that you start believing in yourself.”

“I’m not a good person. This evil in me will never leave, I will always be tainted, my soul forever stained,” Mia said, tears gathering in her eyes. She wanted to believe this man. She wanted to believe him with all of her heart, but she couldn’t. Not after what happened this afternoon. Not after what the voice in her head said. She was evil and there was nothing she could do to escape it.

“Do you believe in fate, Mia Carlisle? Do you believe that your further father is set in stone? That there is nothing you can do to escape it no matter what?” Nathaniel challenged her. Mia was startled by his use of her chosen name. For a moment she could only stare at him before nodding. Wasn’t her future set in stone? Wasn’t there no escape for her? Wouldn’t she always bear the darkness that claimed her soul?

“Well I disagree. I believe the future is ever changing. I believe that our everyday decisions determine which path will with follow, what future we will lead. So every day your live, every decision you make not to follow the live your once lived, is one step down a different path, one step towards a brighter future. I don’t believe you were born in to this world, in to this life to bring death and destruction. I believe you were born to set us all free,” Nathaniel proclaimed with a smile.

Mia looked at him, and wanted to believe his words with every part of her body and soul. A chance for freedom, a chance for light, isn’t that what she always wanted.

A chance to live with the man who was the other half of soul, the voice in her head whispered softly. This time she could hear the yearning there, the pain and the sorrow. A chance to hear him laugh, to see him smile, to hold him just one more time. Is it not worth taking a chance, to believe just this once that there is a happy ending at the end of that long dark road. That everything we have fought against, that everything we had suffered is for this one chance, this one hope. That this time we will be free.

Mia didn’t even realize that her fingers were intertwined with Nick’s until she felt him give them a squeeze. She looked down at their connected hands in wonder.

This is where you belong, this is where you have always belonged. Do not let it go, do not let him go. Fight, fight with everything you have to keep this, to keep him. Fight until you can make a safe world were the two of you can live in peace. Do not give up. This time she recognized the voice as her own. This is what she wanted. This is what she had always wanted. Now she just had to be strong enough, brave enough to fight for it. This time, it would be different.

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