Extras Incomplete Scenes

Here are just a few extras scenes that I started off but couldn’t squeeze in to the story. I didn’t want to throw them away because they play a part in the back story but I couldn’t figure out where to stick them. So since they are part of my NaNoWriMo writings I added them on as Extra Incomplete Scenes. They probably won’t get used in the story at all, but some of the details might eventually find their way in.

Scene 1

What had started off as a beautiful morning had turned in to a gloomy afternoon. Skies heavy with rain clouds and air so humid that Savannah’s hair had turned in a frizzy mess. She had given up on it halfway through they day and just pulled it up in on bun on the top of her head. It wasn’t like she had any one to impress. Like all the other daughters in influential necromancer families, Savannah had been betrothed before she could walk.

By their societies rules, they were allowed to date casually through high school and college, but once they graduated it was looked down upon for them to be seeing anyone publicly by their intended. It didn’t mean that they weren’t seeing people, it just meant they were circumscribed with their relationships. It was pretty much the same after the marriage. There weren’t many happy marriages among the elite families. As long as you had your heir and spare though, most didn’t care what you did.

Savannah’s parents had a marriage of convenience. Her mother had given her father three heirs and that was it. In five years she had done her duty and sought companionship outside of their marriage. It wasn’t unusual to see her mother with one handsome man or another. When she and her sisters were children, she would tell them that the men were her tennis instructors, or personal trainers. But after thirteen she hadn’t even bother to hide the fact that the men were part of her line of revolving lovers.

Their father was no better, he thought he kept his lovers secret. But he was sadly mistaken. It was an embarrassment to them all that he was dating women that were closer to their age then his own age.

There was no love-loss between their parents and themselves. They had learned early on to rely on each other if they needed anything. Elaine as the eldest had been more like a mother to her two younger sisters than a sister. But once Elaine had graduated from Woodrose, she had flown across the country to find a job away from her family and the man she was to marry before she was forced to return and do her duty.

Savannah didn’t blame her. If she could have, she would have run away too. Heck, even Annabeth, their youngest sister didn’t blame her. As the heir, their grandfather had put the most pressure on Elaine. She had to have the best grades, she had to have the perfect friends, even the way she dressed and acted in public had to meet his strict standard. Elaine had not had it easy.

Well, either had Savannah, but her grandfather and parents had given up on her such a long time ago that now the only thing she received from them was apathy.

“So what are you going to do after graduation?” Tiffany asked as she sipped on her strawberry-banana smoothie, shifting her long bare legs on the blanket they sat on.

Savannah didn’t bother to reply as Tiffany never spoke to her. Instead her question had been directed an Alexandros, who sat across from the two girls sunny himself in the meager rays of sun that were able to penetrate the heavy clouds. His eyes dlosed and his too handsome turned up to the sun.

Alexandros, like all the other Stavros men was quite literally a work of art. With a face that looked like it was carved by the gods and a body that would have made even the Greek heroes jealous, Alexandros was too good looking for his own good. Since the moment he had entered Woodrose, the girls had thrown themselves at him. As he grew older, even some of the teachers and staff had let him know that they were available. It was disgusting.

Where other girls and women looked at him with desire and Savannah felt nothing more then dread. Where other girls fought to get in to his bed, Savannah wanted nothing to do it or the man in it. Alexandros may have a pretty face, but that was all he had. He was just like every other elite necromancer male, arrogant and self-absorbed. He thought he was the center of the world and he expected to be treated that way.

Tiffany would have gladly bent over and lick his boots, not to mention anything else he asked her to. She didn’t care about the man any more than he cared for her. It was just the prestige of being seen with him and being in his bed that she wanted. So she was perfect for him.

Savannah though could have cared less. She had tried to avoid him when she was younger. She knew he was and that he was the one that her parents her signed her life away to, but just because she was betrothed to him, didn’t mean she wanted anything to do with him now.

He though had expected her to be like all the other girls around him. He had expected her to fall at his feet and beg for his attention. When she didn’t, he saw it as a challenge. He would make her fall for him. He made sure to eat every meal with her, to drag her to all the school dances and events. He even made her watch his football games.

Savannah might have been fine with these things if he had invited her because he wanted her company. Instead he would parade girl and girl in front of her to try and make her jealous. He would take her to a school dance and yet never dance with her. Instead she would sit at a table bored waiting for the thing to be over. Even if someone dared to ask her to dance, she wasn’t allowed to dance with any one by Alexandros.

If he even saw someone come over to talk to her, he would stop what he was doing and zip over to nip it in the butt. The only ones allowed to speak to her were his friends, the ones who already knew the status quo.

It was hard to make friends when the girls only wanted to be her friends to be around Alexandros and the boys were too scared to come around. After all the Stavros name was very well known. If you dared to get on the bad side of the Stavros family, it could ruin your entire future. As much power as Savannah’s own family had, it wasn’t enough to go up against the Stavros family.

So here she was, stuck having a picnic on a gloomy afternoon because Alexandros suddenly felt a desire to sun himself out on the main lawn. They were the only group foolish enough to park themselves in the middle of the front lawn during an impending storm.

Savannah just sighed as Alexandros ignored Tiffany yet again and took another bit of her apple. It seems that Tiffany was no longer in favor and she just hadn’t realized it yet. Across from them, Jackson snickered.

Tiffany though, wasn’t deterred, as she continued on, “My father’s talking about me joining the company. He wants to start training me to take his place one day.”

Savannah watched as Alexandros’ shoulders tensed but he kept his eyes closed. Kurt, Alexandros’ other friend had paused with his sandwich halfway to his mouth as he watched Tiffany chatter on, blissfully ignorant of her mistake. Jackson’s grin just got bigger as he watched her dig the hole bigger and bigger.

“He said that once I graduated and take the examination, he will start my training. He already has an office prepared for me right next to his own.”

Savannah took another bite of her apple as she watched Alexandros’ fingers clench the blanket beneath them. If Tiffany knew anything about Alexandros Stavros, she would have known never to mention the “F” word. Alexandros was a second son and a third child, he had no future planned out for him. He was the baby of the family and anything he planned to do in the future, would have no impact on his family. The heir, Lukas was a gold boy. The man could do no wrong and Alexandros hated him.

In those moments when he let his temper get away from his, his would rant and rave about how Lukas was nothing. How he did’t have a drop of the skill and talent that Alexandros had. That Lukas had gotten everything hand to him in life because he was born the first child. Forget the fact that Lukas had graduated top of his class from Woodrose and that he had tested as a Level 1 Class A necromancer right out of school. That no one before or after Lukas had done so. Alexandros refused to acknowledge his brother’s achievements and saw him as nothing more than the lucky one who had been born first.

Savannah had met Lukas a few times duing the holidays and he had always treated her with kindness and more respect then even her own family granted her. He talked to her about her studies and what plans she had for the future. She was sure he was just being polite rather than truly being interested in her future goals. But it was nice to actually be asked what she wanted to do. No one else had done that before. No even her teachers.

Lukas was the only one she had ever told that she wanted to study sigils once she graduated from Woodrose. She didn’t want to join the family company and raise spirits for a living. She wanted to study necromatic magic and the history behind the sigils they used. Lukas had honestly seemed interested in her answers. He hadn’t patronized her but instead encouraged her. He even offered to write a letter of recommendation for her if she needed one.

If there had even been anyone Savannah had secretly crushed on, it would have been Lukas Stavros. She wasn’t stupid though, she knew he saw her as nothing more than his future sister-in-law. After all, he was getting married in a year or two to a necromancer heiress from France. She was nothing to him and she was well aware of it. But if there had been anyone she could have liked, it would have definitely been Lukas Stavros.

Feeling charitable to the girl besides her, Savannah finally spoke, the first time since Alexandros had dragged them out here, “If you’re done sunbathing, do you think we can go in now? It looks like it’s going to rain soon and I’d rather not get stuck out here when the clouds finally open.”

Jackson just shook his head at her, that stupid grin still at his face. He knew as well as she did that Savannah had just pointed a target on her chest for Alexandros’ pent up rage. But where Tiffany might have been hurt by his cutting words, Savannah was used to is.

Kurt went back to his book and business returned to usual. Savannah sat there waiting for Alexandros to explode. But he didn’t he just sat there with his eyes closed.

“No one cares if you stay or go,” Tiffany scowled, too stupid to realize Savannah had just saved her pride. Kurt looked over the top of his book at the girl for a moment, just long enough to shake his head in disgust before turning back to the words in front of him.

Scene 2

There was blood on her hands. So much blood. A wail escaped her lips as the true horror of what they had done hit her. They had done this. They had unleashed this monster on the world.

“Anaelise! Get up,” Jackson yanked on her arm as he tried to pulled her away from Kurt’s body. Because that’s what it was now. It was just a body. Kurt was gone. He would never sit beside her again. Never laugh, or cry, or even smile. He was gone and he was never coming back.

“Anaelise, we don’t have time for this!” Jackson growled as he pulled her to her feet. She stumbled and nearly fell to the ground again, but Jackson just pulled her forward with him. They stumbled through the dark woods, trying to get back to the school, trying to get somewhere safe. If such a place even existed anymore. Was there any place where that creature wouldn’t be able to find them?

It had killed Kurt and eaten his soul. She hadn’t been able to do anything but watch. It had been so fast. Kurt was there was one moment, and gone the next. He hadn’t wanted to be here. Not anymore than she and Jackson had, but he had come just like they had and now he was dead. Just like they were all going to be soon.

A moan trembled from her lips and tears blurred her vision. She couldn’t even wipe the tears away, her hands were covered in Kurt’s blood. His death was on her hands now.

“Anaelise, please,” Jackson practically begged. She knew this wasn’t the time to break down. She knew she needed to be brave like Jackson. But he hadn’t been the standing besides Kurt when that creature shoved it claws through their friend’s chest and pulled out his soul. He hadn’t see the pain flickering in Kurt’s eyes nor the complete emptiness and minute later when that creature consumed the light that had lit their friend’s eyes only a moment before. He had seeing those glowing black orbs hidden beneath his robe of shadows on their turned on her.

The hunger, the unending hunger she had seen in those empty black eyes. Jackson could never understand that chill that coursed through her veins as those eyes had turned on her. The need in them was all encompassing, so much so that she hadn’t been able to move. She had been frozen as the creature has drifted towards her, the misty hem of its cloaked brushed against the tip of her sneakers.

The strength had gone out of her legs and she had collapsed, falling the dirt and leaves at Kurt’s side.

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