Chapter Eight

Mia curled deeper in to the warmth of the comforter. She wanted to bury her head beneath it and pretend that she was safe. That nothing could touch her. Even though she knew that wasn’t true.

She lay curled on her side, the space beside her was cold and empty but she knew he hadn’t gone far. She could hear him talking to his grandfather,  Alistair, and Ronan in the kitchen through the open bedroom door.

She knew she should get up and join them, but she was too warm and she didn’t want to leave.

“Was William able to confirm her suspicions?” Alistair voice drifted in to the room.

“He believes she right,” Nick’s voice was hard, almost detached.

“But how? Wouldn’t we have noticed something earlier?” Ronan asked.

“William believes it probably happened when I had been kidnaped as a child. He said Emily was probably able to change me then. There are periods of time that are a complete blank to me. He suspects she did it then.”

“This is fucking insane,” Ronan said, Mia could hear the sound of him hitting something but she wasn’t sure what. She pulled the quilt tighter around her shoulders as she curled in to a ball.

“William said it was actually a miracle I survived. He had tried to change others before Aiden. All failed.”

“But I don’t understand. I thought only blood magic users could be Omegas,” Ronan said, Mia could hear the sound of his boots pacing back and forth across the large room and he voice grew louder then softer.

“Only blood magic users can be Omega,” Nick’s voice was cold now, nearly emotionless.

“How could that be?” Nathaniel asked, Mia could hear the confusion that tinged his words. She had wondered the same thing as well at first. But then she remembered why. Curling up tighter, she buried her head beneath the blankets. It was all her fault. She had done this. She had turned Nick in to the thing he hated most. She had bound their souls so that they could always be together. So that she would know when he was born again so that she could be at his side once more.

Madness had driven her to it. When she had awoken only to find that she could not die, that she could never be free, she let the madness consume her and she did something stupid. Now Nick was the one who had to pay the price.

“William couldn’t say how exactly, but he said he had a suspicion. He had no way he could confirm his suspicion just yet but he would look in to it and get back to me.”

“Does this have something to do with Mia being able to use electrical magic?” Alistair asked.

“It may, it may not. The thought did occur to him. But it didn’t seem to bother him much since quite a few of her cousins have a high level secondary magic. He used Michael as an example.”

“This is seriously insane,” Ronan repeated.

“Did William say anything else?” Alistair asked, ignoring Ronan’s outburst.

“Only to be careful since he couldn’t gage just how strong the blood magic in me is. If he had to guess, he would have said that ability wise, I was at least A-Level. He said since the magic has awoken, it will not be ignored. I have to ensure that I kept my temper otherwise I could do a lot of damage.”

“I don’t understand, I thought blood magic was only drawn when blood was split.”

“For most blood magic users yes, but because I am an Omega, I don’t follow the same rules. Aiden doesn’t need to make a sacrifice to do magic either because of his dual magical nature.”

“This is so messed up,” Ronan swore.

“How is Mia doing?” Alistair asked.

“She’s resting,” Nick said with a weary sigh. “She’s hasn’t said anything since she realized what I am. ”

“Was William able to figure out how she was transported back to her real body?”

“He thinks somehow she created a temporary link to her body. He says something she did or felt created a simulated connection. Something like she was there but not there. He says if she had been truly connected to her body, then there would have been no coming back. He said that her current body would have died rather than just slip in to a deep sleep.”

“What could have caused her to create a link? To even reach out like that?” Alistair asked.

“It probably had to do something with what we were talking about before she collapsed,” Nathaniel said with a sigh.

“What exactly were you talking about?” Nick demanded to know.

“A legend about an entity called the White Witch,” Nathaniel explained.

“The story you had me look into?” Alistair said. There was no reply but Mia could only assume Nathaniel had nodded his response, since Alistair starting speaking again, “But what does that have to do with Mia?”

“The records I had your people look through found an interesting fact regarding the legend. All mention of the White Witch vanished one hundred and fifty years ago.”

“What does that have to do with Mia?” Ronan asked.

“According to Mia, she’s a hundred and fifty years old,” Alistair informed them.

“So what do Mia and this White Witch have do to with each other?” Ronan asked.

“You think that Mia was this White Witch,” Nick said answering Ronan’s questions.

“When I heard the story of the Originator from Marco that night, the story reminded me of a legend I had heard on my travels when I was originally searching for a way to break the curse Theodora placed on me. Supposedly there was a being that could grant wishes in exchange for a blood price. It was said that she could even bring the dead back to life. When you left that night, I went back through my old notebooks and found the legend. I had come upon the legend over and over again in multiple clans, but only small clans and only in North America.”

“What does that have to do with Mia?” Ronan asked.

“Mia has said it many times, she is her father’s daughter. Of all her siblings, she is the one that is most like him. It made sense that if there was another being out there following in the footsteps of the Originator, that it would be the daughter that was most like him, the one that had the same gifts as him.”

“Mia doesn’t remember what happened to her after she went to see Thea. She thinks she woke up after she had her sister take her life. But if she did wake up, where has she been? What has she been doing for the last fifteen-hundred years? She doesn’t remember a thing. But what if there was a reason for that?”

“So this is what you were talking to her about and then all of sudden she just collapsed?” Nick asked gruffly.

“She was fine one moment, listening to my story, the next she got a blank look in her eyes and then she clutched her head and cried out before blacking out,” Nathaniel said.

“Damn, just what is she?” Ronan swore, “I mean, seriously, she can bring someone back from the dead?”

Mia curled even tighter at his words. Did they think she was a monster again? Did she stop being simply Mia to them and all they would see now was that she was the Originator’s daughter?

“Mia is Mia,” Nathaniel replied. “It’s true that she is her father’s daughter. But she is also so much more than that. You have lived next to her for the last two months, you know she is more than a label.”

“It doesn’t matter what she is,” Nick said, “White Witch or not, she is the woman I love. I know I should be furious with what Emily did to me, but I’m actually thankful. She gave me the power I needed to protect the woman I love. She put me on the same footing as the rest of them. And If I am a blood magic user, I truly don’t care. If it gives me one more weapon in my arsenal, then I’ll accept it. Mia is all that matters and I will take whatever I can to keep her safe.”

“You are fucking nuts,” Ronan said with a laugh.

“Find a woman worth fighting for and then we’ll see what you have to say,” Nick said.

“God, sometimes the two of you scare me. The things you would do for each other is insane,” Ronan replied.

“This from a man who has never been in love,” Nathaniel said, chuckling, “Take it from a man who has loved and lost, when you find the right one, she is worth everything and anything. You would walk through hell for her without a second thought.”

“God, I hope I never find a love like that,” Ronan scoffed.

“You say that now, but if you ever find a woman that is capable of loving you utterly and completely, hold on to her and never let her get away. She will make all the pain worth it,” Nathaniel vowed.

“Seriously, not even interested,” Ronan argued.

“We’ll see,” was Nathaniel’s only reply.

“So what are you going to do now?” Alistair asked.

“Whatever I can. Whatever it takes. I won’t let her fade away, no matter what she says. I won’t lose her.”

“You should talk to William about training you. If Mia is right, and restoring her soul to her real  body will awaken her father, we will need everything we can get to fight him.” Alistair suggested.

“I did think about it, but I thought maybe Michael or Delilah would be better,” Nick said, his voice gruff.

“I would think that William would have been a better choice. Aiden after all is an Omega and an A-Level electrical magic user. Michael and Delilah are neither. They would probably be able to help you with the basics, but William would be better,” Alistair recommended.

“William and I don’t see eye to eye,” was Nick’s only reply, “He sees this power as a weapon.  It was what he trained Aiden to be. As powerful as Aiden is, he is just a tool. He follows commands given. He doesn’t think for himself. I’m the complete opposite. If I tried to have William train me, I don’t think things would go that well.”

“You’re probably right there,” Alistair agreed reluctantly.

“You could always have Mia train you,” Ronan suggested, “You’ve seen her fight. There aren’t many who can go up against her and walk away.”

“Mia is a blood letter. Her set of talents are very unique and took decades of training. Even if Nick is a blood letter, there is no guarantee he will be able to learn quick enough to put the skill to any use,” Alistair disagreed.

“Well, either way, William is right. You need training. Having no control over that much power is a danger not just to you but to everyone around you. I think you’ll be fine in this house for now. I think the wards would siphon off the power before it could become too dangerous, but outside of the house, I can’t say what would happen if you were to lose your temper,” Nathaniel warned.

“Yeah, you’re not exactly known for your claim demeanor,” Ronan snorted. Mia could only imagine the look Nick sent him. But they were right, Nick did need to be trained. She would probably have to speak to William about it. She knew the two men didn’t get along, but it would be the best for them all, if they could get along long enough for them to work together.

“Think on it and rest for tonight. It’s been a very tiring past couple of days,” Alistair suggested.

“I’ll walk them out, you go watch over Mia,” Nathaniel offered.

“Thanks,” Nick answered.

“Rest Nick, don’t worry about anything else. I have my people looking in to the latest murder. I’ll contact you as soon as I hear something,” Alistair said.

“Yeah, take the day off. We all know you’ve had it coming. You haven’t taken a real day off in over three months. I’ll get whatever calls come in tomorrow,” Ronan offered.

“Yeah, thanks,” Mia could hear the weariness in his voice. She heard the voices of the three other men drift off and then she heard his footsteps as they drew near. She poked her head out from under the blankets as his steps stopped in the open doorway.

“Nick?” She asked when he didn’t move, he just stood there staring off in to space. At the sound of her voice, he turned to her and offered her a tired smile.

“Did we wake you baby?” He asked as he walked over to the bed and sat down beside her.

“No,” She shook her head as she reached out to run a hand against his back. She could feel the tension in every muscle. “Come to bed.”

“In a minute. I just want to take a shower first,” He said as he ran a hand through his pale blond hair.

“I didn’t want this for you,” She said softly as she gazed up at him. The only light in the room was what came through from the kitchen. All she saw of him was a silhouette. But even that was enough to see just how tired her was. “Things would have been so much easier if I had never come in to your life.”

“Never say that,” Nick said as he reached back and grabbed her hand, pressing a kiss against her palm before entwining their fingers. “Until you came along, I didn’t realize just how happy I could be. I didn’t know how beautiful life could be.”

“I wouldn’t use beautiful to describe my life,” Mia said with a sad smile.

“That’s because you’re not looking at it through my eyes,” He said as he turned slightly so that he was looking down at her. “Everything may not be perfect and there are a some big things we’ll have to deal with, but I’d rather have a hard life with you then an easy life without you.”

“Are you really okay with being an Omega?” Mia asked. He was silent for a long moment before he answered.

“When we first met, I was jealous of you. You had so much power and you hated it. I thought of all the things I could do with that power. All the lives I could save and here you were wasting it,” He admitted.. “But now, I understand. There is a great responsibility to having that much power. One wrong move or thought and you could hurt somebody, or worse, kill them. You have so much power but you have to be so careful with it.”

“I didn’t hate the power, I hated the fact that I loved it. It was addicting and that’s what is so dangerous. The feel of blood magic is euphoric. The more you have it, the more it consumes you. To even use just a little of it is dangerous. But to have this constant desire to battling you, trying to take you over, it was just too much,” Mia told him.

“When we first met, blood magic was still new. It wasn’t what it is today. We rarely used it because there was no need. The give and take back then was more prominent. Using a sacrifice was done then, but not to the point that it is today. There were less people. You couldn’t just walk in to a village and steal a child or kidnap a virgin. Now days there are so many people in the world, that a missing person is not uncommon. People go missing everyday, some are found and others disappear forever.”

“I’m not saying things were better than, because sacrificing a person is bad no matter what. I know I’m probably saying this the wrong way,” Mia said with a sigh that got a chuckle out of Nick, “But basically what I’m trying to say is be careful. Blood magic is different from anything you have ever dealt with before. It is highly addicting and when it consumes you, everything around you fades away and there is nothing but the high. The more powerful the blood magic user the stronger the pull. As an Omega, I’m not sure you’ll be prepared for what is too come.”

“Are you worried I’m going to go out there an kill someone just to get high?” Nick asked with a smirk.

“Nick, I could have killed you when you were a child. You don’t realize just how dangerous it was for you to give me your blood. You don’t understand just how tempting your blood is. If I had lost control, I would have drained you dry and not even realized it,” Mia told him earnestly as she squeezed his hand. “I don’t want you to have to deal with the guilt if something goes wrong, that’s why I want to ask two things of you.”

“Okay,” Nick said with a nod, “What are your two things?”

“The first thing I want to ask you to do is to get trained. I truly don’t care who you go to but I would ask that you at least think about working with William. I know how you feel about him but next to Emily, he knows the most about blood magic. He can train you far better than anyone else I can think of,” Mia said. Nick scowled but he listened to her.

“Don’t ask me to made a decision right now, but I will consider it since you asked,” He said grudgingly, “And what is the second thing you want me to do?”

“Secondly, if you need a blood sacrifice for any reason, than I want you to use me,” He opened his mouth to argue but she lay a finger on his lips to still his words, “Here me out first before you argue. I know that the strong the donor the greater the magic and the greater the chance of you giving in to the blood lust, but because I’m stronger, you’ll need less blood and if anything I’ll be able to stop you if you get out of control and trying to drain me.”

Nick frowned at her words.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you or your ability to control yourself. I just don’t want you to ever feel the guilt of taking a life because you couldn’t control the blood lust. Besides, you know just how jealous I can get and I don’t want you to ever want anyone else that way you want me. If you’re going to get addicted to something, it might as well be me.”

“It’s too late for that, I’m already addicted to you,” He told her with a laugh before leaning down to brush a kiss against her lips.

“Nick, please,” Mia said seriously as she pushed him away gently, “I love you and I don’t want to lose you to yourself.”

“I’ll do the two things you ask of me if you promise me one thing,” He countered as he turned his body so that he lay against her side.

“What do you want?” She asked him warily.

“Fight for me, don’t ever give up. I don’t want you to run away if your scared. I want you to push me away. If something is wrong, I want you to tell me about it and not hide it from me. I don’t want to get a phone call like I did two days ago. I don’t want another hysterical phone call from Sarah screaming that you must be in danger because you didn’t text her. My heart can’t take it. I honestly thought I was going to lose you when I got on that plane. All Ada would tell me is that you were unconscious. She refused to tell me anything else.”

“In Ada’s favor, she probably didn’t think to tell you anything else. That fact that I was alive was enough for her,” Mia said with a shrug.

“Yeah, well she sure scared the hell out of me. My heart didn’t stop racing until I was at your side and I could see with my own eyes that you were going to be okay,” Nick scowled. “Mia, you are the most important person in this world to me. I need you to understand that so that you won’t go off and do something stupid again. I need to know that your okay and for that to happen you need to talk to me. I don’t care how much it scares you, or how much you think it will hurt me. I need to know the truth. Can you please do that for me?”

Mia nodded.

“Good, then I will call William tomorrow and speak to him about training. But if I agree to have him train me, I want you to come with me. Like you said, he knows the most about blood magic next to Emily. If he can teach you anything that will help us fight your father, then  I think it’s worth learning, Besides that, I think I’m going to need you at my side so that I don’t kill the bastard.”

“I think you just want me where you can see me so that you don’t have to worry about me doing something stupid without you there to watch me, but I’ll go with you all the same. Sparring with Aiden might be good for me. He doesn’t hold back and he’s a pretty good blood letter. Probably better than Ada but don’t tell her I said that.”

“I’m not sure I like that idea. I don’t want you to do anything that will endanger yourself. And that reminds me, I just thought of another thing I want to add to my request, if you do need to bleed yourself, I want you to promise that you will have someone with you at all times. I would prefer that it be me, but I’m aware that my schedule will not always permit for that. So If you must cut yourself, either call Sarah or Delilah. I don’t trust Ada to know when to make you stop.”

“Fine,” Mia agreed. It’s not like she was planning on ever cutting herself without someone else around. Not after what happened the night before. It was too dangerous in the state she was in to do something foolish like that again. She was already on a countdown, it would probably be better if she didn’t accelerate it. She couldn’t take the risk, not if it meant losing herself completely. Her mother was right, she was one of the greatest weapons they had. Losing her would  mean death for them and she was all too aware of it.

“I promise, I won’t cut myself without someone with me,” She told him.

“Good,” He said brushed a quick kiss against her lips, “I’m going to shower now. Rest, since it seems we have a long day ahead of us.”

She nodded and laid her head back down on the pillow. He brushed another kiss against her temple before he headed towards the bathroom. He left the bathroom door open just a slit so that he could hear her if she called for him.

So much had changed in a short time. A month ago, she couldn’t even picture herself living with another person. Now she couldn’t imagine living alone. She couldn’t even remember what it was like. For that week when she had kicked Nick out of her life, she had been completely miserable. Sleeping in a bed alone, not being able to roll over and see his sleeping form beside her had been hard. She had woken up the first few nights reaching out for him only to realize he wasn’t there. It had hurt. She had never felt so alone before. So she had no problem agreeing to his request. She didn’t want to go back to the life she had. She didn’t want to live without him.

And, if by some horrible fate they weren’t able to put her soul back in her body before this body wore out, she wanted to make sure that she spent every last day of her life with him. If she were to fade away, she wanted to make sure that until then, she had no regrets. So she wouldn’t fight him any longer, she wouldn’t push him away. If these were the last days she spent with him, she wanted to make them happy memories for him, because that it all he would have left of her and she didn’t want to leave him with any regrets.

Turning on her side, she listened to the sounds of Nick in the shower and fell in to a light sleep. She didn’t truly sleep until he crawled under the covers with her. She slid up against his side, resting her head on his shoulder. His arm wrapped around her, drawing her closer. With last thing she remembered being a kiss against her forehead, she finally allowed herself to fall in to a deep sleep.

Mia awoke the next morning to find they had a full kitchen. She took a quick shower and dressed in a warm clothes. Nick was still getting ready and they were headed out to find William. But it seems they wouldn’t have to go far, because the man and his Omega were sitting at their kitchen table. As was Sarah, Ada, Ronan, Adeline and Daphne.

Mia could only stare for a long moment as she watched them all happily plowing in to a breakfast buffet. Betsy stood behind the stove flipping pancakes at the same time she was frying bacon and eggs, all with the ease of trained professional.

“There you are sleepy head, I was wondering how long it was going to take you to get up,” Daphne said with a bright smile as before stuffing a fork full of pancake in to her mouth.

“What are you all doing here?” Mia asked as she slowly drifted in to the room.

“Well, there were things we needed to talk to you about so we stopped by your apartment. Ronan said you hadn’t come home yet so he offered to drive us out here. We ran in to Ada outside the building and Sarah called Ronan just as we were leaving. So here we are,” Daphne explained with a bright smile.

“Why are you so cheerful so damn early in the morning?” Mia frowned.

“Here, this will take the edge off,” Nathaniel miraculously appeared with a mug of steaming hot coffee just the way she liked it.

“Still not a morning person then,” Daphne noted.

“What are you two doing here?” Mia demanded as she turned to William and Aiden.

“I thought you might be looking for me for this morning and I thought I would save your the trouble of searching, so here I am,” William said, as he waved his coffee cup at her.

“And why would you think we would do such a thing?” Mia grumbled, because of the fact that he was completely right.

“You have an untrained Omega Level blood magic user on your hands. Who else would you go to for training?” William said with a smug grin.

“Anyone but you,” Nick growled from behind Mia. One of his large hands wrapped around her waist possessively as he glared at their guests.

“Nick, please,” Mia pleaded as she turned to look at him, his golden eyes blazing. “We talked about this.”

“I agreed to think about it,” He corrected her, squeezing the hand on her hip, pulling her closer to him until her chest brushed against his own. He easily took the coffee cup from her hand before taking a sip.

“What do you have against him?” Mia hissed softly, leaning in to him.

“Besides that fact that he’s a bastard,” Nick said with a cocky grin as he looked over Mia’s shoulder at man in question.

“Nick,” Mia scolded.

“I don’t like the way he looks at you. He doesn’t see you as a person. You just another goddamn tool to him,” Nick snarled. Mia watched in horror as his eyes began to bleed to black.

The room got suddenly quiet as the very air around them turned electric.

“Nick,” Mia said as calmly as she could. “Baby, look at me.”

She raised her hand, running her fingers soothingly against his strong jaw.  Those black eyes turned in her direction. She smiled up at him. “I need you to calm down so we don’t hurt any of friends and family.”

“And this is the reason I’m here,” William said pointedly. “He can’t even control his temper. What if this happens when you’re not around. What will you do then?”

Nick’s head shot up as his gaze turned back to William. Mia shot him a glare as she tried to reach out to Nick once more. She Nathaniel was probably right, and the wards probably would kick in and protect their family and friends. But Mia didn’t want to put it to the test and she wanted Nick to see that he could control his powers.

“Nick, come on. Look at me. Forget about him. Forget about everyone else in the room. It’s just you and me,” She said softly as she ran her fingers up and down the back of his neck. “Come on Baby, eyes back on me.”

“You won’t be there to always hold his hand. He’s going to need to learn control sooner or later. For everyone’s safety, it’s better that he learns it now,” William said, which earned him a growl from Nick.

“Shut up,” Mia said through clenched teeth, “His powers only awoke yesterday. He hasn’t even gotten accustom to them yet and you’re asking him to control them. You’re pushing him too hard and too fast.”

“We don’t have time to baby him. What will he if something happens to you? What are we supposed to do if he gets out of control and there is no way to stop him? We don’t have time to coddle him. He needs to get his powers under control now.” William informed them.

“Please tell me something we don’t already now. But you are asking him to control something he has never used. He can’t control something he doesn’t understand. You know just as well as I do that blood magic isn’t like any other magic out there. Blood magic doesn’t come from within, it is powered from the outside. Blood magic isn’t about mastering the powers you have, it’s about molding the powers you draw within. It’s completely different and you know it. You can’t expect him to understand it without experiencing it,” Mia snapped as she turned around to glare at William. “You are asking too much.”

“I don’t think you truly understand the situation you are in,” William said coming to his feet, “You are a ticking time bomb and we don’t know when you are going to go off. If we can’t put your soul back in to your body before this body dies, then you will vanish. There will be nothing left of you but our memories. What will be left will be the ultimate weapon. A being with unlimited power and no moral code. You will be a far greater threat then your father ever could be. At least at one time, he understood right from wrong, you will not.”

“Put that together with the fact that your sister has the Heartstone, an artifact that can not only control the mind but the body and soul of the person she keys it to. Right now, we’re standing right at the door of the apocalypse. We don’t have to time to wait around for him to feel that its right.”

“That’s what the Heartstone does?” Sarah asked as she looked between William and Mia.

“You haven’t told them yet?”

“It’s not like I had time,” Mia growled. All eyes were suddenly on Mia, even Nick who seemed to have calmed down enough that his eyes were no longer black.

“I wasn’t keeping it from them on purpose. I had more pressing concerns then the Heartstone. Yes, Emily has it, but she can’t do anything with it until our father’s awakens, so it sort of slipped my mind when I was informed that the moment my soul shatters I will cease to exist,” Mia snapped.

“It was kind of an important fact, did it keep just slipping your mind or were you just note going to tell them?” William demanded to know. “It’s just like on of those other facts that just happened to slip your mind.”

“What other fact might that be. Since it seems I have so many secrets that I’m keeping to myself?”

“I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Something that I’m sure you’re sisters would be very interested in finding out,” William said as he turned to look at Adeline and Daphne who were watching them warily, frowns on their lips.

Mia didn’t have to guess what he was talking about. She already knew. Somehow he had learned about Iliya Chen. But the question was how.

“Mia, what’s going on?” Adeline asked as she turned to her sister.

“How did you find out?” Mia demanded to know, ignoring her sister’s question.

“The same way you did, from your mother.”

The room went absolutely silent as everyone processed what they just heard.

“I think you are mistaken, our mother is dead,” Adeline said finally as she looked at William coolly.

“Your mother is not dead, as I’m sure your sister was about to share that news with us all,” William said as he inclined his head towards Mia, who just stared back at him coldly.

“Mia, what is he talking about?” Daphne asked with a frown, the pancake filled fork held forgotten in her hand as she looked between William and Mia.

“When did you see her?” Mia asked through gritted teeth.

“She and your half brother came to visit me last night, probably not long after she left here. She was concerned that all of you were not taking her warnings seriously enough.”

“Mia, what the hell is he talking about?” Nick demanded to know, fury creeping back in his voice.

“Mia?” Adeline’s eyes were on her, a frown creasing her lips.

“Iliya Chen believes that she is our mother,” Mia spat out each word.

“And you believe her?” Ada asked.

“I didn’t want to believe her. But she knows too much. Not just about me, but about Emily, Father, and you two,” Mia said with a heavy sigh. “She claims she in an immortal like me. That I inherited this curse from her. She says she was like father. That she was born like him, with powers that other people did not have. When she found him, she believed she found her soul mate. She told me she didn’t even want children but because father did, she gave him the children he wanted. But she soon came to realize what a mistake it was and the first chance she got, she left not only him, but all of us.”

“She knew about everything that happened. About how he went mad and killed the village and us. She knew about how we created the five clans. She knew it all. And then she proclaimed that I was a monster for having brought such evil in to the world. That I deserve to die for the crimes I have committed.”

“I don’t care if she truly is our mother, all she did for us was give birth to us. She abandoned us the first chance she got and left us to deal with the mess she left behind. If she truly is like me, she would have woken up not too longer after she was killed. She would have known what was going on. She could have stepped in and done something. She could have tried to stop Father. But instead she ran and left us to deal with it. We were ill prepared. We stood no chance and she knew this, yet she still walked away and didn’t even bother to look back. She doesn’t have the right to call herself our mother.”

Adeline sat absolutely still. Her face pale and her eyes blazing. Daphne on the other hand looked like she was ready to cry.

“So that would make Damien your half-brother,” Ada said, letting out a low whistle as she looked around the table at the faces around her.

“I’m surprised she bothered to have  another child,” Mia sniffed, “But then again, she handed him over to his father without a fight. At least we have that in common.”

“You don’t know that she left us of her own free will. Maybe someone made her leave,” Daphne argued.

“Daph, she has watched us her entire life and never once stepped in, especially when we needed her the most. She might have been able to stop father, she might have been able to keep him from killing all those people. But she didn’t. She hid, pretended that she was dead. She had how many years to come forward, yet she never did. If it didn’t look like the world was going to end, we probably would have never heard from her,” Mia said shaking her head.

“You don’t know that,” Daphne said as tears began to well up in her eyes, “She loved us. She wouldn’t have just walked away.”

From the look in Adeline’s eyes, it was obvious she thought differently. Adeline had been the second oldest. She had known their mother longer than Mia or Daphne had. She had seen her mother’s faults just like Mia had. Only Daphne had ever been blind to them.

“Where is she now?” Mia turned to William and demanded to know.

“She said she would be staying at the Regent until you were ready to talk her,” William informed her.

“I have nothing more to say to her. She had her chance to say what she wanted to say last night. If she failed to say what she wished to say, then it is too bad. I gave her a second chance. All she offers us is pain and misery. I want nothing more to do with her,” Mia said shaking her head.

“This is so messed up,” Ada said shaking her head. Mia completely agreed. She was literally one step away from completely losing her mind. After everything she had learned in the past couple days, she just wanted to curl up back up in a ball and hide under the sheets until it all went away.

This was just too much for her. It was bad enough before her other came into the picture. Back then, she was just Mia Dragos, daughter of the Originator, stealer of souls. That had been bad enough, but now. Now she was immortal. She could never die, but of course if they didn’t fin her body in time, all her memory would be erased and she would be wiped from the universe. But of course her real body and soul would be alive, they would just be completely empty.

Death had never seemed so welcoming. To be able to just close her eyes and make every thing go away. No more pain, no more fears, just peace. But that was not in her future. That was never in her future.

Nick must have sensed her desperation because he’s arms were around her, pressing her head to his shoulder and he ran a hand up and down her back.

“It’s okay baby, it’s okay,” He whispered in her ear as he held her tight. “Every thing is going to be all right.”

Mia wanted to argue, she wanted to scream but instead she bit the scream back and closed her eyes. She inhaled Nick’s scent, the pine, snow and copper scent she knew so well. She breathed him in and tried to remember that in death, there was no Nick. If she died, she would lose him forever.

At the thought, her arms wrapped around him and held him just as tightly. She promised him she wouldn’t give up. She promised him she would fight for him. She couldn’t give up now.  She couldn’t let the despair consume her. She had promised.

“I’ll train with you,” Nick’s words surprised her. She pulled away from him to look up at his face. He was staring down at her, a soft smile on his lips, “I’ll train with William.”

“But-“ Mia was arguing when Nick cut her off.

“He’s right. We don’t have time. I’m a danger to be around and I’ll keep being one until I learn to control these new powers. Until I learn control I’ll only be a hinderance to you all. With the Rosengards, Emily and now your mother to worry about, I need to be at my best. I need to be able to protect you and I can’t do that the way I am now.”

“It won’t be easy and I know that. I know William will probably drive me so hard we’re going to be lucky that I don’t kill him,” he said as he looked over Mia’s shoulder at the man in question. “But I have to do this.”

“Damn it,” Ada said slamming her hand down on the table, startling everyone as all eyes turned to her, “I want one of him.”

Sarah was the first one to start laughing, but soon everyone else joined her. As Mia looked around the room she reminded herself, this is what she was fighting for, this is what was worth fighting for. Her family, her friends, the people she had come to care about. They were worth fighting for. No matter how bleak her future looked, it would be even worse if she gave up now. If she gave up before she even began fighting, then all these people around her would be dead. Mia reminded herself that this was what she had always wanted, these people who loved her no matter what. They never gave up on her, they fought for her, now she would have to do the same. She would fight for all of them.

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