Chapter Nine

It had taken Mia two days to track him down. It was like he had disappeared off the face of the earth. No one had seen him and no one knew where he was. She was lucky William had so many contacts around the world or she would have never found him.

As soon as William had given her his location Mia had taken off. Nick hadn’t been happy about it, but he had let her go. He was still training with William and it was taking every bit of is patience not to blast the man off the face of the planet. William was pushing him hard but Nick was pushing back just as hard. In two days of training, he had learn to call upon his blood magic and how to disperse unwanted power. It turned out that Nick was a blood letter like Mia, so William was having him work on forging weapons. Nick have never needed to use weapons before, so it was something completely new, but something that seemed to fascinate him. He would spend every spare moment he had pouring over every book on sabers and swords that Nathaniel had in his collection. So far he hadn’t found the perfect weapon just yet, but he swore he was getting close and he had only been at it for two days.

Since Nick couldn’t come with her, Ada and Delilah had joined her. Adeline and Daphne has returned to the Dragos Clan home. Adeline had stopped by to see Iliya Chen on her way out of town. She wouldn’t tell Mia what she spoke to Iliya about, just that it was something she needed to say to that woman and it was the only other thing she planned to say to her. Iliya had abandoned them. She had left them to deal with her mess. They had died because of her. She needed to get something off her chest and she did. Whatever came in the future, at least that would not be something she would regret.

Mia wasn’t sure if Iliya and Damien had remained in Stonehearth or if they had returned to the east coast where the Dragos Clan had originally allowed the Chen to set up shop. It was basically their version of an embassy. Mia truly didn’t care where they were, just as long as they didn’t get in her way.

As Mia stepped in to the dingy dark bar at the edge of border, she easily spotted Alexander Dragos hunched over the bar, an empty shot glass in hand and about twelve upturned glasses on the bar in front of him.

The place reeked of spilled beer and piss. The rest of the clientele looked up at them suspiciously. Mia knew what they saw, three young unarmed women. Mia saw a couple of men leering at them, but the smarts ones, or the ones not yet lost in their drinks quickly looked away, some part of them realizing the danger they posed.

Mia stalked across the sticky floor until she stood right next to her biological father. He looked like a mess. His cheeks covered in stubble, the shirt wrinkled and stain, he reeks of sweat and fear.

He didn’t even both to look up as Mia slid in to the stool on one side of him and Delilah the other. Ada stood behind him, creating a thin blade from her blood, which she used to pick her nails.

There were a few gasps from around the room, some chairs shuffled as people quickly darted out of the door. The bartender, a gruff looking older man with a scar across his cheek eyed them.

“I don’t want any trouble here, you hear me,” he warned them. His beady eyes glaring at Ada specifically.

“Looks like the place is already in trouble,” Ada sniffed, giving the man a once over before turning back to her blood red nails.

“We won’t be long, we’re just here to ask this man a few questions,” Delilah told the bartender and threw a couple crisp hundreds down on the bar.

The man eyed the bills for a few seconds, before sliding them off the bar and in to his back pocket.

“Just don’t destroy anything,” He warned before turning away from them and heading to the other side of the bar where he set to work drying wiping down the sticky counter.

“So Alexander, it seems that you are a very hard man to find,” Mia said as she leaned close enough to him so that their words would not be overheard by the bartender or any of the other fools who had been stupid enough to remain in the bar. “I had a very hard time finding you. It’s almost as if you’re trying to hide yourself. Now the question is, are you trying to hide from me, or from your insane mother.”

Alexander lifted his head slightly to look at her out of the corner of his eyes. He looked even worse than she had previously thought. His gray eyes were bloodshot, and he skin was on the yellowish side. There were deep wrinkles around his eyes and between his brows. He had always been an extremely handsome man, even as bad as he looked he was still handsome. He just looked like an older worn down version of the man who had come to visit her not three months ago.

“Does it matter,” He slurred the voice, his voice gravelly.

“I guess not, either way, if I was able to find you, she will to, especially now that she has the Heartstone in her possession. It doesn’t matter where you go, she’ll be able to find you anywhere,” Mia said with a shrug as she sat back, no longer able to take his stink.

“You assume she would want to find me. You forget, I am nothing more than her worthless son. I have no true powers and am nothing more than a sperm donor to her. And now that she has ended her facade, I am of no use to her,” Alexander said with a laugh and a wide grin as he turned back to his drink, frowning when he realized the cup in his hand was empty.

“Bartender, another shot!” He order, holding the empty glass in the air.

“No more,” Mia said, shooting the bartender a look before yanking Alexander’s hand back down. The glass slammed down on the wooden bar, causing a few of the people in the room to jump.

“You know your mother best, I need to know what she is planning do to do. Why did she ally herself with the Rosengards? She has no need of them. Between her and that Omega she has in her control, they are of no consequence. What game is she playing?” Mia demanded to know, her hand tightening around Alexander’s wrist.

“She always has something up her sleeve. She is never without a plan. It doesn’t matter who she has to sacrifice, all that matters is that she gets what she wants,” Alexander slurred and he began to sway back and forth of the stool.

“He’s completely wasted. How do we know we can even believe a word that’s comes out of his month?” Ada scowled.

“He may be wasted, but he knows exactly what he’s talking about. After all, he has spend most of his life either drunk or drugged,” Mia said, gripping Alexander’s wrist so tightly he hissed in pain.

“Tell me what I need to know and I leave you here to rot in your misery. Try and play games with me and I will end your life right here. You know I will,” Mia snarled. Alexander just began to laugh hysterically at her threat, so much so that the other patrons in the bar began to look at them warily, some even darted out of the front door as fast their feet could carry them.

“You think I’m scared of you,” Alexander snorted, “You are nothing compared to her. You have no idea what I have seen. You think what you have seen of her is bad. You know nothing. You have no idea what she is willing to do or what she is willing to sacrifice to get what she wants.”

“I’m not her first child you know. I’m not even her tenth child. I had twenty brothers and sisters. All from different, powerful men. All powerful, but none of them were what she was looking for. None of them were right. So you know what she did, she sacrificed them all. She skinned them alive, bleed them dry and then used their souls to fuel her mad quest,” Alexander said, his voice so loud and high pitched that every person in the bar heard his words.

Mia was not surprised when the all but one of the patrons got up and rushed out the door. Even the bartender quickly ducked out the back. Only on person remained. That was probably because he was passed out at a table in a dark corner.

“Anything you do in comparison is nothing compared to what she has already done to me,” Tears were now streaming down his face. He swiped his arm out, sending the empty shot glasses tumbling back over the bar only to shatter against the concrete floor.

  “It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, it doesn’t matter how many of you there are. You are nothing compared to her. You will never win,” He said, his head dropping towards his chest as he seemed to calm down slightly after his little show of violence, “You are too weak. You are ruled by your heart. You stupidly allow yourself to feel for others. And because of that, you will never win against her.”

No longer able to hold his head up, he fell forward on to the bar. Delilah shook her head as she stared down at the man, while Ada just looked bored.

Mia who knew this man too well saw the pain in his eyes. She saw the suffering the other didn’t see.

“What did she do?” Mia asked softly, releasing his wrist.

“What she does best,” Alexander laughed hollowly, “She takes and takes and takes until there is nothing left. She took them all and now there is nothing left. They are all gone, except for you, of course. But then, she took you long ago. Now, none of them are left.”

“Oh god,” Mia stilled as she made sense of Alexander’s drunken ramblings.

“She killed them all,” Delilah agreed, “All of his children.”

“Not just killed, she sacrificed them. She took their very souls. Now they are all gone,” Alexander said in a sing song voice.

Mia had never felt any love for her siblings. But this was just too much. For Emily to sacrifice their souls, to use them, her own flesh and blood. It was just too much.

“Why? What did she do with them? What did she use their souls for?” Mia demanded to know, grabbing the front of Alexander’s shirt and pulling him back up. “What is she planning?”

“She is not planning anything,” Alexander snorted, “She has already set it in motion.”

“What? What is she doing?” Mia said shaking Alexander so hard his teeth bit down on his tongue. Blood dripped down the side of his mouth.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough. Alexander’s blood set her off. The room burst in to light as the very air around her began to sizzle and spark. Ada took a step back in shock, while Delilah jumped off her stool.

“Tell me what she is doing!” Mia demanded, her voice reverberating around them room, shaking the very walls of the building. Alexander though, just stared up at her in awe, his eyes open wide as she stared at the light around her, his eyes glassy and a wide grin on his mouth.

“She was right,” He slurred, “You are so bright. You can light up the entire world.”

Mia frowned as he began to laugh hysterically again. So much so that he fell right off the stool and landed on the floor. Curling up in a ball he alternated between crying and laughing.

“We’ll, that was informative,” Delilah said dryly as she looked down at her uncle.

“What a waste of time,” Ada grumbled as she nudged Alexander with the toe of her boot.

“Really, Ada,” Delilah raised a brow as she looked pointedly at  Ada’s foot which was still nudging Alexander’s leg.

“It’s not like he can feel it. He’s so wasted I’d be surprised if he felt anything,” Ada was saying as she leaning over, her blood blade it hand, looking like she was ready to poke Alexander in the shoulder with it.

“Ada!” Delilah scolded. She was just leaning forward to grab her cousin when she stilled, her hand froze as she looked behind Mia, her eyes got large and her mouth opened to scream.

But Alexander was faster. Pulling a unseen gun out of from under his wrinkled shirt, he fired once. Ada, reacted a second later and the blade that had been in her hand went flying through the air and landed with a thud, dead center in the middle of the forehead of the man they had ignored up to that point.

The man felt back dead, a blood blade sticking out of his forehead and a hole in his heart. Mia stared at the dead man for a long moment, surprised that she had not sensed him before.

“I recognize him,” Ada said as she stomped over, kicking the dead man’s leg. “He was bastard. He liked to rape women and slit their throats to keep them silent.”

“I recognize him too,” Delilah nodded, “He was one of the lower clan. He defected with Emily when she left and changed sides. He’s barely an E-level so I’m not surprised we didn’t notice him.”

“You can’t win against her. She is everywhere,” Alexander said, shaking his head as he tossed the gun aside.

“Damn idiot, be careful where you throw those things,” Ada snarled as she gun went sliding in her direction, “Bullets kill you know.”

“Not when you can’t die,” Alexander laughed.

“What a freaking mess,” Ada shook her head as she bent over to pick up the firearm.

“What should we do about him?” Delilah asked as she nodded towards Alexander who still lay on the ground.

“I guess we have no choice. We need to take him with us and wait till he sobers up enough to talk to us,” Mia said with a sigh. The light around her had begun to dampen until once again the room was dim and shadowed.

“I’m not riding in the car with the mess. He’s smells and he’ll probably barf all over everything,” Ada argued.

“Call William and have him sent a team over to take care of this mess. We can’t have the public learning about it,” Mia said as she leaned forward to wrap a hand around Alexander’s arm. “Come on, get up. We don’t have time to waste around here. We have to get you out of here before your mother sends someone else after you.”

“It’s not me she’s looking for,” Alexander hooted as Mia yanked him unsteadily to his feet. He swayed and drifted one way and then another before Delilah grabbed his other arm, forcing him to stay in one place.

“Nick’s not going to be happy,” Ada whined as she looked at Alexander in distaste.

“We don’t have a choice. We can’t leave him here. Emily will just send someone else to kill him. He has information we need and we can’t let him out of our sight until we get it. Now help us get him in to the car. The faster we get back, the faster we can sober him up.”

“I just know we’re going to regret this,” Ada said shaking her head, but she came forward and helped maneuver the drunk man to their rental car. She only screamed once when he bend over in the middle of the empty parking lot and proceeded to puke his guts out. Luckily, his missed their boots, just puked all over himself.

“I told you we were going to regret this,” Ada whined.

Six hours later Mia was settled in front of the fireplace in the family room. Her legs were curled up under her and a blanket thrown over her lap. A steam cup of coffee sat on the table beside her chair.

Her finger scrolled up and the down the tablet Marco had just picked up for her a couple days ago. She was checking the the news around the world to see if she could find clue as to what her sister was doing. There was nothing out of the ordinary except for the mysterious disappearances of young woman through out the country. No bodies had been found yet, but more and more women were going missing. It was getting so bad they were thinking about setting a curfew in at least ten different cities. The Guild was already on high alert and they had their people out in full force. Any one who looked the least bit suspicious was being detained for custody.

“Well, he’s all settled in the guest room. We cleaned him up and put him to bed,” Nathaniel informed her as he and Ronan took a set across from her. Mia couldn’t help but notice the sour look at Ronan’s face as the fact that he was wearing a pair of Nick’s old jeans and sweat shirt.

“What happened to you?” Mia asked, trying hard to keep her face straight.

“That bastard puked all over me when we threw him in the shower,” Ronan glowered.

“Betsy was kind enough to throw his clothes in the wash,” Nathaniel said.

“That smell is never going to get out of my clothes. What the hell was his drinking?” Ronan grumbled before reaching over to grab Mia’s coffee from the table and taking a deep swig. She would have normally snapped at him, but she figured after what he went through, she would let it slide this time.

“Thanks for letting him stay. I really had no idea where else I could take him where Emily couldn’t get to him. I thought about leaving him at my apartment since Ronan and Aiden are there, but even with my blood wards around the building, it would keep Emily out but put all the people in the surrounding apartments in danger.”

“No, you did the right thing. It’s best that he is here. This is the safest place for him and  maybe he’ll be able to heal a little,” Nathaniel nodded sadly.

“He told you what happened?” Mia asked.

“He was blubbering in the shower. It was hard not to hear him,” Ronan said before finishing off her coffee and setting the empty cup back on the table between them.

“I was never close to any of his other children. Emily and I were the youngest and the strongest. Most of them kept out of our way. Most of them were just like Alexander, lazy bums who believed they were entitled to anything they desired. But still, that doesn’t mean they should have died the way they did.” Mia said shaking her head.

“So you still have no idea what Emily is up to?” Ronan asked.

Mia shook her head, “He passed out before we could question him further. But whatever she’s up to, he knows about it. He drunk himself in to oblivion for a good reason.”

“Where William’s people able to find out anything?” Nathaniel asked.

“No, he’s actually a little upset right now. He lost a couple of good men. They were trying to infiltrate Ophelia’s army when they stopped reporting back. He suspected they were dead at first but he just got a confirmation report that they traded sides. He was actually pissed and locked himself in his office for an hour,” Mia informed them.

“Did you think they really traded sides or do you think Emily did something to them?” Ronan asked.

“It’s hard to say. Most blood magic users are pretty mercenary. If they believe they’re on the losing team, switching side to what they believe is the winning team is not unheard of. But usually it’s not that common among the large powerful clans. After all your swear your fealty in exchange for protection. I thought it was the same for William’s people. From what I heard from Aiden, his people are pretty loyal. So this was completely unexpected. They were good men and they had been with him for a long time.”

“So you think Emily had something to do with it?” Nathaniel asked with a frown.

“It wouldn’t surprise me. Emily always took what she wanted. If she learned about these men and decided they would do better working for her, rather than killing them she might had forced them in to her ranks,” Mia said with a shrug.

“Just what is so special about these two that Emily would be tempted to keep them alive if she found out they were spies?” Ronan questioned.

Mia scowled, “They were part of William’s Enhanced Army.”

“Enhanced?” Nathaniel asked.

“Think one step down from Omega. Not everyone was as willing to be experimented on as Aiden was. Not everyone is willing to risk their soul for ultimate power. Those who weren’t willing to risk those souls, but were willing to risk their lives became his Enhanced. They’re smarter, faster, stronger and add to that an A plus power level. They were created just in case the Guild has any ideas about coming back after him. That or if one of the Clans decided to wipe him off the earth,” Mia informed them.

“Is there anything that man is not willing to do for power?” Ronan sneered.

“Once Nick learned about the Enhanced, he forbid me from coming to his training,” Mia informed them.

“Does he honestly think these men are a threat to you?” Ronan asked with a laugh.

“No,” Mia glowered, “The Enhanced very rarely get to pit themselves against someone strong then each other. Sure, they like to spar with Aiden, but not he’s not around often since William is usually sending him all over. So when they saw me sparring with Aiden and kicking his butt, they wanted to give it a try. They really liked fighting someone they didn’t have to hold back with. Nick didn’t like seeing all the guys hanging around me. It wasn’t helping his temper. He claimed all the men were screwing with his training, so I went sent home and I was forbidden from coming back until he got his new magic under control.”

“So what are you going to do when Nick gets home and finds out about him?” Ronan asked as he gestured the second floor. “I don’t think he’s forgotten about your last encounter.”

“I was hoping we won’t have to keep him here for long. I spoke with Adeline and Daphne as they’re working on setting up new wards around the manor house that will replace Emily’s previous wards. They’re hoping to finish it up by the end of the week and said that Alexander should be safe there for now.”

“But you plan on keeping him here until he tells you want he wants to know,” Ronan confirmed.

Mia nodded, “It’s safest here for us all. The wards inside the house will protect us from him and he’s not stupid enough to try and leave.”

“You do know this man has never done a thing for you. You owe him nothing. Once you get what you need for him, you can always just throw him out on his own,” Ronan reminded her.

“There had never been any love loss between he, but I was raised believing his was my father. As bad as he was, there was still some times when he would do something that would make me believe that someone deep down, there was a human being there. He may not have cared for Emily and I, but he does truly mourn his other children.”

“You are too kind hearted,” Ronan said shaking his head, “You just better hope that he doesn’t try to kill you in your bed.”

“Who is going to try to kill who in my bed?” Nick asked coolly from the doorway.

“Hey Nick!” Ronan said waving at his friend and partner, “How was practice?”

“It went fine, now telling me what the hell is going on?” Nick walked in the room, throwing his duffel on the ground by Mia’s chair before bending down and brushing a kiss against her cheek.

“You smell like blood,” she told him.

“Don’t try to change the subject,” He warned as he wearily fell in to the sofa next to her seat.

“Not changing the subject, just stating a fact.” Mia said simply.

“Fact or not, tell me what you were talking about when I got here,” He said, leveling a hard gaze at her, “You know how I hate surprises.”

“If I remember correctly you like good surprises,” Mia countered as she picked the tablet up from her lap.

“Well, seeing how you are not waiting naked in bed for me, this is not a good surprise,” He said with a yawn.

“Really Nick,” Mia said, her cheeks warming as Ronan snorted and Nathaniel tried hard to hold back him grin.

“You wanted to start this game, Baby,” He said with a smug smile, “Tell me what’s going on or Ronan and grandfather are going to hear a lot more than you would like them to.”

“Men,” Mia rolled her eyes, before shooting Ronan a dark look for snickering.

“Don’t look at me, I’m all too happy to tell him what’s waiting for him. But I figured the news was better coming from you,” Ronan said with a shrug as he leaned back to watch.

“What happened to you and why are you wearing my clothes?” Nick asked as he finally turned his full attention on his friend.

“That would be Mia’s secret to tell,” Ronan said simply.

“It’s not a secret. I’m not hiding anything,” Mia argued.

“Then tell me what’s going on?” Nick said, letting out a long yawn as he rested his head against the back of the couch. “I’m dead tired and just want a hot shower and a good night’s sleep. But first I want to know why I have to worry about someone trying to kill you in our bed.”

“It’s nothing really. You know I went to go look for Alexander,” Mia said, Nick nodded.

“Yes, I remember telling you I didn’t think it was a good idea and that I would prefer that you stay home and Marco or William could send some men out to look for him. You disagreed and said you would be the best person to search for him because you knew him best. We have a lovely little argument and you stormed out saying you were going.  You then boarded a plane with your two cousins and flew halfway across the country yet again.”

“Yes, that,” Mia said, her cheeks flushing red again as Nathaniel and Ronan watched on.

“You try that stunt one more time and I’m going to circulate your photo at all the airports and put you on the no fly list,” Nick warned.

“Really?” Mia said with scowl.

“Baby, try me,” He flashed his perfect white teeth at her menacingly.

“You do realize my family has their own private jet right. I could just take that,” Mia frowned.

“You could try. But I have a feeling your family plane will be out of commission for a while,” Nick smiled.

“Seriously Nick, I’m getting nothing done by locking myself away from the world. I need to do something or I’m going to go crazy,” Mia growled.

“And you think I don’t go crazy when you up and disappear like that. Do you know how badly I wanted to jump on a plane and chase after you? The only thing that kept me from doing so was the fact that in the state I was in, I probably would have brought the plane down. Mia, we agreed no more stupid risks. If you can keep your promises, I don’t know how well I can keep mine.”

“You really are a bastard sometimes,” Mia snarled.

“I will gladly be a bastard as long as it means keeping you safe, which you don’t seem to be able to do on your own,” Nick said simply, “Now tell me what happened with Alexander.”

“We found him hiding in some dive bar right on the Mexican border. He was drunk out of his mind but he was able to tell us a few things. Turns out Emily is even crazier then we thought. She has been practicing soul magic for far longer then we suspected. According to Alexander, Emily used her own children as sacrifices. For what, he didn’t say. But he also informed me that she sacrificed his remaining children and used their souls to forward whatever plan she has already set in to motion,” Mia informed them.

“And we have no idea what she’s using their souls for?” Nick asked after a moment.

“No, he wasn’t able to tell use before he passed out,” Mia glowered, “Whatever she’s up to, Alexander knows what it is. He was too drunk and out of his mind with grief to tell us what she was up to.”

“She was having him watched. One of the lesser members of the Dragos clan had been hiding among the patrons of the club. He tried to attack and kill Alexander before he could tell us anything. Ada and Alexander were able to kill him before he could do anything.”

“Whatever he knows, Emily doesn’t want us to find out. His life was in danger, I had no other choice,” Mia stated.

“You brought him here, didn’t you?” Nick asked with a heavy sigh before turning to his grandfather, “And you allowed her to bring that man into our house.”

“It was necessary Nicholas,” Nathaniel said with a stern frown, “He has information we need. Leaving him out there would have been as bad as signing his death warrant ourselves. He is the only one that knows what Emily is doing.”

“It wouldn’t make a difference even if he knew nothing at all,” Nick said with a shake of his head before turning back to Mia.

“You can’t save everyone Baby,” Nick warned, “People are going to die. You can’t protect them all.”

“I’m not trying to save everyone,” Mia argued.

“Yes, you are,” Nick disagreed, “This isn’t whole thing isn’t your fault. This was never your fault. This is just the life you were born in to. I don’t mind Alexander staying here if that’s what you want. But be aware that you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.”

With that said he stood back up and grabbed his duffle from the ground near his feet, “I’m going to take a nice hot shower and then I’m going to sleep. If that bastard tries anything in the middle of the night, there is chance I might blow his head off.”

With that said he walked out of the room. Mia could only want him walk away. At least he hadn’t been too upset.

“He’ll be in a better mood after some rest,” Nathaniel reassured her.

“No, he’s right,” Mia said with a sigh, “He usually is, but don’t tell him I said that. It will just make his head even bigger.”

“I don’t think it can get any bigger,” Ronan snorted.

“Let him rest, he’ll see you were right in the morning,” Nathaniel told her kindly, “He only wants to keep you safe and sometimes he doesn’t go about it in the best way. He’s used to having his way, always has been. He is trying though.”

“It’s okay,” Mia told Nathaniel, “This is the way he has always been and the way he will always be. It drives me insane most days, but I’ve come to accept it, mostly.”

“You should go and rest too. You’ve had a long day,” Nathaniel said getting to his feet, “Ronan, you are welcome to stay the night. I can have Betsy prepare another guest room for you if you’d prefer not to drive back in to town.”

“I’ll probably take you up on that offer,” Ronan said with a yawn as he glanced down at his watch, “I don’t feel like heading back just yet and besides, it can’t hurt to have one more person in the house if Alexander decides to wander away.”

“Good, I’ll have Betsy get a room together for you,” Nathaniel said with a nod before wandering out of the room leaving Ronan and Mia alone.

“You really should take it easy on him, you know,” Ronan said as he shifted in his seat to get more comfortable. “He’s under a lot of stress and disappearing on him like that doesn’t help.”

“I know,” Mia agreed, “It’s just that I can’t sit here and do nothing. It feels like I’m running out of time and just sitting in the house doing nothing makes me feel helpless. I don’t like it. I need to do something because just hide out here.”

“You are not the only one worried about your time running out. He may not say anything, but he is just as aware as you are that you are on a countdown. He’s working his hardest to get strong, to train faster. He’s doing everything he’s capable of doing to ensure that nothing happens to you. I don’t think you truly understand just what he is going through,” Ronan told her seriously, “To him, its like watching the love of his life slowly dying of an incurable disease.”

Mia was silent for a moment as she processed Ronan’s words. She knew deep down that Nick was having a hard time. He didn’t need to say anything. It was there for her to see. It was there is way he held her closely as night when they slept. It was there when he would just fall silent for a long moment and just look at her. It was there is his desperate kisses and lingering caresses. She could see it and feel it with every part of her body and soul. And it scared her. It scared her because she knew he feared the same thing she did. That they just wouldn’t be in time. That they wouldn’t find a way to transfer her consciousness back to her body without waking her father before it was too late.

As much as Mia loved Nick. As hard as she would fight for him. She knew the one thing she could not do, was live if it meant his death and the death of everyone they loved. He father wouldn’t just kill them, his would wipe away their very existences. Mia couldn’t live with that she had come to learn these past few days. She couldn’t live without Nick somewhere in this world.

She had to hope, no, she had to believe that what they felt for each other was strong enough to conquer anything. She had to believe that if they did fail, and all her memories were lost forever, that there would still be some part of her that would love him. Some part of her that would still fight for him. She had to believe, because without that belief, she had nothing.

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